Friday, March 04, 2005

Conspiracy Theorist Caption Contest

Maurice "Rovebot" Hinchey Caption Contest
Remember Maurice? No he did not speak about the pompitous of love, but he may indeed be be a Space Cowboy. He claims that Karl Rove planted the Rathergate documents, and then defended his theory by using a threat to use his congressional powers against radio host Sean Hannity.

- reagan_fanatic

Photoshop Entries
- The Man

- reagan_fanatic

- Sobek

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Other Links
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Slant Point points out the Protest Warrior will also be there
Free Will: The Commies are Coming
Confederate Yankee notes that his representative in Congress will be the featured speaker at an Anti-War rally in New Paltz, NY later in March. The rally was put together to "help reenergize the antiwar movement in the Hudson Valley for the struggles ahead". By "struggles ahead", I guess they refer to the unjust pullout of Syrian troops in Lebanon, the unfair upcoming elections in Egypt, the sham elections in Palestine, the mock election held in Afghanistan and Iraq, the forced march to election reform in Saudi Arabia, and Libya being forced to volunteer to dismantle their WMD stockpiles.