Monday, March 21, 2005

The Basil Revolution Update

The Blog War between the Basil (The Good Guys) and the Axis of Sconners, led by a carpet muncher named Sortapundit, enters it's second week. In New York and across the globe millions, thousands, hundreds of protesters marched to end the hostilites and put an end to the conflict.
To join up, click here or email me.

Below are the results of "google" searches as of 9:30am

Gizoogle - Basil #7 (Sotra's Sconner - not in top 100)
Paris Hilton's cell phone number - Sortapundit #4 (Basil #9)
The Niggas at DFNCTSC - Basil #3 (Sorta minion - Jawa #7)
Strip clubs in Ohio with midget strippers - Basil #1, GOP and the City #3 (Jawa #2, Sorta #5)
Jamie Lynn Spears naked - GOP and the City#1, Basil #4 (Jawa #2)
Girls big tit - GOP and the City #20
Free big tit sites - Jawa #6

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