Monday, March 21, 2005

AM NewYork Headline

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The daily newspaper, amNew York, is a free newspaper put out by Newsday. This freebie has two things in common with Newsday: 1) it is way overpriced and 2) It slants left. I was flipping through the rag this morning and noticed the article above. From the first glance, title and first paragraph, you think it is another bad day in Iraq with a suicide bomber attack. Yet the article buries the news, in the 7th to the last line, that US forces killed 24 bad guys and wounded 7. Newsday published the same story under the headline, 7 Iraqi Civilians Killed by Insurgents.

A quick search on Yahoo news for "24 militants" reveals that most stories did not hide the fact that, out of the 30 people killed yesterday 80% were bad guys (good news).

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