Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Newsday Letters To The Editor - Part 2

This weekend my fiancé asked why I had not asked her to subscribe to Newsday, I told her I don't want a subscription to that rag and added that I wouldn't even wipe my butt with a copy of Newsday. The only reason to read the paper is the "Letters to the Editor", section which can be read and mocked for free online, and makes me wonder if my neighbors are stranger than I thought.

I have now added a new feature, the conspiracy-meter. Titles colored green represents low levels of conspiracy theorem, Yellow is for mid-level, Orange represents the next level, and Red is for the most absurd levels of conspiracy theory. The Red entries also get awarded an official Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie.

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No Answer
Is there anyone in the mainstream media who is willing to stand up to the Bush administration?
(editors note: huh
?) Having to hear these last few days about how the Iraqi elections were a victory for President George W. Bush has made me sick.
Just because elections were held does not take away from the fact that this war was illegal and unnecessary. With tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi people already killed and with tens of thousands more likely to die from disease, having elections is not the answer to their problems. Getting the people of Iraq food, water and medicine, and removing U.S. troops from their country is what these people need (editors note: Like the UN Oil For Food program?). It is obvious that our troops are not wanted there, but Bush does not care about that. Making sure that he can get his hands on their oil is his only priority.
Adam Williamson-Baiting Hollow

The Costs of War
Is it America's mission to forcibly bring democracy to a world that lives with differing political beliefs? Given that ours is a freer and more equitable way of life, why can we not proslytize our advantages peacefully. Even if we bring a measure of democracy, and that is not necessarily freedom, the cost in human suffering is shattering (editors note: I guess "life" under Saddam was better?)...
Arthur Gottlieb-Rockville Centre

State of the Union
President George W. Bush's take on Iraq with rose-colored glasses and his fatalistic scare tactics about Social Security are what we have come to expect from this president. But what frightens me the most was the end of his speech when he seemed to look right into the camera and warn the Iranian citizens that, if they don't behave themselves, we may just have to go in and liberate them, too. (editors note: "And to the Iranian people, I say tonight: As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you." (Applause))
Chris Tomicick-Merrick

Social Security
Has George W. Bush not noticed that the term Social Security includes the word security?
Ross Rosenfeld; Martin Melkonian; Denward W. Collins III-Woodbury
(editors note: It took 3 guys to come up with this letter?)

Oil Depletion and Tsunami
Does the depletion of oil from our earth have anything to do with the tsunami disaster?Did the plates deep in earth shift because of a vacuum created by the depletion? And how is the oil being replaced?
Stella Good-Bellerose.