Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Newsday Letters To The Editor - Part 4

Newsday, the liberal rag on Long Island. If an asteroid was going to smash into us and the world was going to end in 4 days, Newsday would announce a 7-part daily exclusive on how George W. Bush was to blame. Then some quack from Littleneck would write a letter to the editor on how Bush also was to blame for the Titanic, Little Bighorn, and Light Beer.

Newsday Letters To The Editor Conspiracy-meter
Titles colored green represents low levels of conspiracy theorem, Yellow is for mid-level, Orange represents the next level, and Red is for the most absurd levels of conspiracy theory. The Red entries also get awarded an official Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie.

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'Mallard' not comic
"Mallard Fillmore" is not really a comic strip. On most days, it features a single panel in which a crudely-drawn duck spouts one-sentence cliches worthy of Rush Limbaugh. I never would have bothered to comment on it were it not for the gall of the Feb. 11 edition. It urged readers to write and demand that editors allow the poor persecuted duck to continue "speaking truth to power."
Please! Isn't it enough that purveyors of right-wing prejudice dominate the culture? Must they also pretend they are crusaders victimized by the "liberal media"? Here's hoping that this cheap ploy backfires, and triggers a flood of letters urging you to pluck the duck.
Nicholas Levis - East Rockaway

Get rid of 'Mallard'
If Newsday paid the syndicator for the "Mallard Fillmore" strip that ran on Feb. 11, you were defrauded. A plea for letters from supporters of Bruce Tinsley's "the-right-is-never-wrong" propagandizing is advertising. He should have to pay you. His recent playing of the race card against anyone who dares criticize Condi Rice has proved so indefensibly dishonest that he needs to appeal for his own survival.Please dump this strip. Replace it with one that presents a right-wing viewpoint honestly, and occasionally lampoons even (gasp!) the foibles of his own side - if you can find one.
Matt Maloney - Lindenhurst

Don't call it a war
When are we going to stop calling this debacle in Iraq a war? We were never attacked or threatened by Iraq, nor did it ever pose a threat to our security. Iraq offered virtually no resistance to our "shock and awe."And yet billions later, close to 1,500 soldiers are dead, thousands are wounded and the numbers rise each day. What stunning execution by this administration. President George W. Bush certainly supports this so-called war, but he does not support our troops.No plan, no solution, no comfort, no respect and no end in sight. So let's not call this a war but rather exactly what it is: arrogant stupidity.
Robert Forte - Old Westbury

Dean will get last laugh
I'm sure the Republicans, with great assistance from the monolithic press, will now label the Democratic Party as the "Scream" team rather than the "Dream" team. It's this cynical and sarcastic caricatural depiction of Howard Dean that makes my blood boil.While the Republicans chuckle and ridicule, Dean is quietly gathering the disavowed masses and ensuring the last laugh for himself.
Anthony J. Frascino - Audubon, N.J.

'Gates' bring whimsy
It took about $21 million of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's money to bring about a collective New York smile. Free and open to all, "The Gates" have collectively hugged us all and brought whimsy back into New York. (editor's note: I just added this one because I have never heard anyone say New York needed "whimsy")
Kate Valerio - Lake Grove

'lockbox' theory
Al Gore's much-maligned "lockbox" theory for the Social Security trust fund doesn't look so comical now, does it? If the government had shored up the fund with the Bill Clinton surpluses, instead of wasting them on needless tax cuts for the wealthy that erased those surpluses, we wouldn't be dealing with the current debate over President George W. Bush's absurd privatization scheme.
Brad Barrett - Smithtown

Letters bash Bush
I read your letters section every day. On an almost daily basis, you have several letters that bash President George W. Bush.
During the election campaign, you would post about nine memos that trashed the president to every one that was favorable. It was obvious that Newsday was doing its part to try to get Bush defeated.I thought after the election that this would subside. I was wrong. I think Newsday is disappointed that Bush won. One would think by reading the letters that Bush's favorable approval ratings must be 5 to 10 percent. In fact, according to the Gallup Polls, his ratings have ranged from a low of 46 in May of 2004 to a high of 90 percent in September of 2001, which is the highest approval rating ever recorded for any president. I would think that your letters would show a more balanced view.
Pete Massaro - Lindenhurst