Thursday, February 17, 2005

New York Politics Roundup

It's Show Time
Council Member Gale Brewer (D-UWS) issued a bill that would force movie theaters to post when the movies actually start, not when the Coca-Cola ads and previews begin. Theaters who violate this bill would be subject to fines from $500-1,000 for each violation. Next on the busy agenda, stopping that annoying guy from starring in anymore commercials.

Commemorative Plates for Former Pols
Another bill introduced by Kenneth LaValle (R- Suffolk) would create a special license plate for former members of the New York State Legislature. Assemblyman Thomas Kirwan (R-Newburgh) noted "The former lawmakers might be chased by hundreds of outraged citizens who want to get their hands on them".

Something's Wrong With His Medulla Oblongata
Councilman Robert Jackson (D) called on Governor Pataki to "get the job done or resign, jackass,". Jackson was upset because Pataki has blocked $5.6 billion in additional funds for schools. Jackson also called Pataki "The devil" and held up a picture of the governor with horns coming out of his head. No word if Jackson colored the picture himself.