Thursday, February 24, 2005

Letters From Brooklyn - Part 3

The kids were manipulated, they should fire social studies teacher Alex Kunhardt. That is the opinion of the father of Pfc. Rob Jacobs. The soldier received letters from Kunhardt's 6th grade class that would make Jane Fonda blush.

The teacher asked the students of his class to write a letter to a "fictitious soldier or veteran," according to outraged parents. Kunhardt never mentioned that the letters were to be sent to a real, live soldier overseas. Only after the letters were turned in did the teacher ask if the youngsters wanted their letters sent to a soldier. Only half of the class agreed to let their letters be sent to Jacobs, showing they indeed have higher intelligence then their teacher. School officials said that Kunhardt would be reprimanded.

Alex Kunhardt will soon be back in front of 12 year olds, clearly manipulating young minds. I suggest he plan a field trip to Ground Zero, to show the kiddies what our brave soldiers are fighting for.

(Source - NY Post)

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