Monday, February 28, 2005

Google Rankings

How ironic is it that a website run by "The Man" is listed as the top rated site on Google's search for the word "Aluminum Beanie "?

Update: Since I am also #1 for the Google search for "Man shot at hot 97 radio station", I guess I should link to that story.

The station that aired a racist parody of "We are the World" while mocking the Tsunami victims, was the scene of a shooting of one of 50 Cent's posse. The gunman tried to flee the carjacking a Sanitation Department Snowplow. The station is familiar with rappers drawing gunfire, the body guards for rappers Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown exchanged shots in 2001.
Click Here for a NY Post article on the story

Other #1 Google Rankings
Dolphin outfit
You are so liberal if
Rove Conspiracy Theory
Mallard Fillmore
more to come....