Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Conspiracy Theory: Rove Planted CBS Docs

Fellow NY Blogger, Confederate Yankee is on this story like Kirstie Alley on a hoagie. Click here for an email he put out to his district's congressman. Here is a quick primer on the story; Democratic Congressman Hinchey claims that Karl Rove planted the forged National Guard documents that sunk CBS and Dan Rather into an abyss of denial. On a personal note, Karl Rove did slip me Dan Rather's 2nd grade report card.

"I have no proof..."
-U.S. Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey, D-Hurley
How many conspiracy theories that end up on Snopes, start out with "I have no proof, but..."? Think of all the nutjobs who have went to the authorities on stories of black helicopters, alien abduction, and Elvis sightings. How embarrassing is it that your representative in Congress uses such phrases to lash out at our president? If I were Bob over at Confederate Yankee, I would be upset too.

"And I said that. In the very beginning. I said, 'It's my belief that those papers, and that setup, originated with Karl Rove and the White House."
For his role in spreading lies and conspiracy theories, I hereby grant Maurice Hinchey an official GOP and the City, Aluminum beanie (tin foil hat). Wear it with pride Maurice. I hope your followers in New York's 22nd District enjoy your leadership and ascend with you to the mothership.

Additional thought: I thought Republicans were dumb, knuckle-dragging, bible-thumping, morons. How then, did we dupe the vastly superior intellect that permeates the media with forged documents?

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