Thursday, February 24, 2005

ABC UFO Special

Anyone else catch the UFO special on ABC? Man that is some spooky stuff, overall a cool show. I would give it two thumbs up, but the damn aliens sawed off one of mine to take back to their base on the far side of Pluto. So, therefore, I give it one thumb and one nub up.

They must have had problems selling ad space, hence the ads for the "Store-n-spin", "grip-n-flip", and "Nu-ft". I am way too analytical to believe in alien abduction or invasion. But the idea that life is out there intrigues me. We would be silly to think that we are the only ones out there. While there is probably life out there, somewhere, I do not think we have aliens among us...or do we? If you are an alien or have seen a UFO, please email me or leave a comment to this post.