Friday, January 28, 2005

Top 10 Iraqi Political Slogans

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Caption Freedom

Top entries:
10) For Sunnis: Nostalgic for Torture? Vote Sunni!
For Shiite: Finally! Some power!
For Kurds: Payback, baby! - SoFloFreeper
9) Every voter will receive a coupon for one free chutney squishy. "You can really taste the chutney!" - Shawn
8) - The Man
7) "Up with hope! Down with soap!" - TShaunK
6) Anybody But Bashar 'abd-al-Waleed al-Tikriti! - Sobek
5) Ah, what the hell -- mustaches for everybody! - evets
4) Moving Iraq Forward, to the 19th century - The Man
3) I actually voted against the mass-extermination of the Kurds before I voted for it. - Sobek
2) - Dan

and the #1 entry:

Photoshop entries:
(The Man)



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