Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Soldier Drops MOAB on Media Coverage In Iraq

Before you read this. Remember John Kerry's recent visit to the Middle East? He asked a soldier what he should tell Congress about the war in Iraq. A soldier responded: "the good work that they are doing is not getting reported in the United States."
1/17 - Kerry attacks Bush on Iraq, cries about the election.

LTC Tim Ryan
All right, I've had enough. I am tired of reading distorted and grossly exaggerated stories from major news organizations about the "failures" in the war in Iraq. "The most trusted name in news" and a long list of others continue to misrepresent the scale of events in Iraq. Print and video journalists are covering only a fraction of the events in Iraq and, more often than not, the events they cover are only negative.

This is just the first paragraph. Click here to read the rest of his article.

(Hat Tip - Drudge)