Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The People's Choice: Moore Caption Contests

Caption Kennedy Contest
Starts Today @ 11am

Top 10 Captions
10. Excited at such a coveted award, Moore does the "Watusi". - Nethicus
9. TrimSpa has found its newest celebrity endorsement. - The Man
8. (paraphrasing Jaws) I think we're going to need a bigger backscratcher... - Gislef
7. Leaning Tower of Pizza - Kitty
6. "No, that's not a goatee. It's six-week old pudding residue!" - Shawn
5. You see this award? You see this award? Someone pass the salt! - Rob
4. Congratulation, Michael Moore - you've just won the PCA for Best Picture. What do you do next? I'm going to McDonald's!!! - Gislef
3. Yes, thank you, I think it will fit perfectly! - Steve
2. "GET IN MY BELLY!" - Shawn

and the #1 Caption:
1. Thank you for this "Facts distorted in life of unachievment award". - RapidR

Photoshop entry:

A 1,500 ton chunk of rock blocked a stretch of road in California, turned out to be Michael Moore on his way home from the "People's Choice" awards. Crews were able to clear Moore off the road with a truckload of Twinkies and a bottle of scotch. - Me

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