Wednesday, January 12, 2005

No Love Child Left Behind

Herman "Denny" Farrell, the New York Democratic Party Chairman, announced that he is expecting the birth of his third son, Murphy Brown-style (out-of-wedlock). The love child will instantly be an uncle to one of Farrell's grandsons. Farrell, who has two grown children, was divorced last year.

Mr. Farrell, 72, is almost twice the age of his partner who is 38. In a trend becoming of a Democrat, the mother was an intern some 20 years ago, but not "under" Farrell.

A Marist political guru, Dr. Lee Miringoff stated, "This kind of thing won't help the Democrats in their efforts to broaden their appeal beyond their core constituency,". Just ask Monica.

(Source - NY Post)

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Dems are upset with Farrell's inaction on upcoming mayoral and governor races.

Farrell predicted a Kerry win and large turnout for Kerry in New York. Wrong and Wrong.

Farrell raised a stink with DNC Planners, complaining about the location of the NY Delegate party in Boston.

Farrell allowed John Kerry and Dick Gephardt on the NY Primary ballot even though they did have enough nominating signatures to qualify. Howard Dean was quoted as saying "These guys took the easy way out by falsely claiming they had signatures they didn't have. ... I think Sen. Kerry and Rep. Gephardt have some explaining to do."