Monday, January 24, 2005

More Snow Pictures

Random Blizzard Thoughts:
--Digging out of a snowstorm is always easier with a snow shovel that is not broken in half, I tested that theory over the weekend.
--Driving in the snow, I noticed many if not most of the snowplows had their plows UP, thanks guys, it usually works better when the plows are down!
--Al Gore came to New York City last year and gave a speech on "Global Warming". The day he chose to speak, the temperature was -21 degrees with the windchill. Did your flight get cancelled this year Al?
--Having a Subaru really sucks in this weather. I found an empty parking lot and could not spin out no matter how hard I tried. I was really upset.
--My fiancé asked me what would happen in Tennessee if they got a snow like this. I told her it would be a disaster, I think I was putting it lightly. If we got 1 inch in Nashville, the schools shut down, people went home from work, the grocery stores were raided, and the weathermen went on the air 24 hours covering the "Blizzard". Oh, and people drive like crap in Nashville without any snow on the ground, imagine if you add a little ice to mix. It is like an expensive round of bumper cars out there.