Monday, January 24, 2005

Link Of The Week - ARMOR GEDDON

This week's Link of the Week goes to a fellow New York blogger who happens to be over in Iraq right now, kicking ass and blogging at the same time. 1st Lt. Neil Prakash was born in India, but raised in Syracuse. He was recently awarded the Silver Star for actions in Iraq. His blog is ARMOR GEDDON, check it out.

"We just kept rolling, getting shot at from everywhere".

In a battle, Prakash and his men faced 23 IEDs, 20-25 RPG, multiple machine-gun nests, and enemy dismounts armed with small arms and hand grenades. All on a 1 kilometer (0.6 miles)strtech of road. Leading the attack Prakash's tank was hit with multiple IEDs and 7 RPGs. One disabled the main turret. Prakash kept up the attack and in the end, his group was responsible for taking care of 25 insurgents and an estimated 50 to 60 additional insurgents.

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