Friday, January 21, 2005

Here's Your Sign Caption Contest

Caption This Burnout's Sign
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Top 10 Captions
10) "Dave's not here!" - retrokitten
9) Cheech and Chong '08! - GOP and College
8) "Will protest for food.....and a shower". - jennyjenny
7) "If you can read this, thank a public school teacher" - Tom B
6) "Might work for food" - Gefreiter
5) "Pot wanted! Anyone holding?" - Bikers4Bush
4) Feel my prostate. $10.00 - isthisnickcool
3) Down with signs! - RightthinkinAmerican
2) "Won't work at all" - RetroWarrior

and the #1 Caption is:
1) "Single gay hippy seeks hemp-friendly partner for sleeping late, avoiding work, and overestimating self-importance" - Gefreiter

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