Friday, January 14, 2005

Chappaquiddick Caption Contest

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Captain Kennedy Caption Contest
Don't drink and drive

Top 10 Captions
10) If you think the one about my nephew's trial is funny, what until you hear the one about when I drove off a bridge! - TGO
9) Holy sinking Oldsmobiles Teddy bourbon is not a breakfast beverage - atomicpossum
8) Ted Kennedy indicating the number of days he has shown up for work in the Senate sober. - Busywhiskers
7) After leaving her in the car, I had to walk 4 WHOLE MILES to get help ... for myself, that is. - TJ
6) "No, really! I left her in the car and they re-elected me 5 more times?" - rckyracoco
5) The kids call this "a shocker" - The Man
4) "And on the fourth try I finally spit out, 'Barak Obama.'" - Joe 6-Pack
3) Wrecked him? Damn near killed him! - The Man
2) Barkeep, make mine a quintuple. - Yard Stick

and the #1 caption:
1) Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-TOX) - Charles Henrickson

Photoshop entries:
- dagalagas

We call this "The Compound Shocker"
- The Man

- Bassfire

"Whooaa buddy, we have different way to interview the male interns"
- The Man

"Yeah, baby, increased entry angle and pin carry."
- Sobek

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