Thursday, January 06, 2005

Caption Kerry Contest

Come back on Wednesday (1/12) for another Caption Contest.

Top 10 Captions
10) You soldiers realize that the insurgents you're killing are like the Minutemen, right? - Sobek
9) So... how about those Red Sox? - Greg
8) "You guys know I voted for the $87 billion, right?" - Me
7) Kerry: "say!, any of you got any spare medals, i'm still not sure what happened to mine." - DymunQ
6) So, how are things in the Jenjis Khan business these days? - Patt C.
(tie) so..., still razing villages in a fashion reminiscent of Jenjis Khan, huh? - Bushme04
5) You guys ever spend Christmas eve in Laos? - Fatal
(editor's note: Wasn't it "Christmas in Cambodia"?)
4) "Man, am I in the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time." - Matt M.
3) "OK guys, so here's how to get three Purple Hearts without even getting injured...." - The Vandal
2) Whadda y'mean Bush gave you orders to take me on a mission? - Kitty

and the #1 Caption:
1) Kerry: "If I knew there would be this much sand, I would have brought my flip-flops" - Shawn

Photoshop Entries

-Dan Ford


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Update: While in Iraq, Kerry asked soldiers what he should tell Congress about the war in Iraq. Soldiers told him: "the good work that they are doing is not getting reported in the United States."