Monday, December 20, 2004

Group Protests Election Results...For Tennessee?

''The presidential election was tampered with, if not stolen outright, even here in Tennessee it's clear that (President George W.) Bush had a lot of support here, but it's not clear that he had enough support to warrant a 17% margin of victory.'' - Bernie Ellis (idiot)

It was a cold weekend in Nashville and I was in town to visit friends and family. As we toured the Ryman and browsed around the gift shops, a group (a few blocks away) was protesting the 2004 election results for Tennessee. Another protester was there in support of the Constitution party and their problems getting on some ballots. In all, just 75 people came out to protest and The Tennessean gave these idiots a story. Where is the story about the estimated 5,841,673 Tennesseans who did not come out to protest?

CNN reports that Bush is still leading John Kerry (in Tennessee) by an impressive 348,761 votes with 100% of the precincts reporting. Bush leads the Constitution party candidate by 1,379,414 votes.