Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Blue State Bigotry On Sale

The sellers of these bigoted t-shirts are putting them on sale in time for Christmas. Ho Ho Ho, they are also offering free shipping...from their New York apartment address. I wonder if they are having problems moving their products, since they had to cut prices 25%? You see, bitching about the 2004 election is so 2004. In all, 99% of America has moved on to complaining about the weather or how the Red Sox still suck. The other 1% are morons, or someone trying to sell morons a lame-ass t-shirt.
As for the "Red State Redneck" shirt, I have met the biggest redneck of all time. Alas, it was not while I was growing up outside of Nashville. No, not even when I was going to college in a hick-town in rural West Tennessee. Not until I moved to New York did I meet this "Blue State Redneck". He was sporting acid-washed cutoff blue jean shorts, a NASCAR t-shirt, and a rat-tail/mullet-thing I have yet to fully comprehend. I could only understand every third word that came out of his blue-state mouth, but I did pick up that he was making fun of my southern accent (nice "New York Neckwarmer" buddy).