Monday, November 15, 2004

What You Can Do

What You Can Do
Here are a couple of programs the average citizen can do to help our troops and to say "up yours Osama":
1) Help Our Troops Call Home
- The Department of Defense announced that individuals or organizations can buy prepaid phone cards through the Armed Services Exchanges for troops who are deployed.

Click the link to buy phone card(s) for:
Individual family member, friend, or loved one
Troops Deployed in Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom
Air Force Members and their families
Troops wounded in action
Sailors, Marines and their families in need
Military members participating in USO Programs

2) Operation Gratitude (USO Care Packages)
The USO is sending out care packages to our troops. The government wants to free up some of the pipeline for packages sent directly from the families of soldiers, so people are putting together packages and the USO are going to ship them to the bases to give out as the troops are being deployed or who are between missions in Iraq. They ask to use baggies (from gallon sized ziplock bags) with goodies inside, for security reasons. The USO also has partnerships with trucking companies, who can pick up shipments on their way through, if they have of charge.

My sister put out a box to start a drive at her workplace, The Princeton Review in New Jersey. Word spread and the next day, the box was full. Word continued to spread and she now needs an office to hold all the donations.
Care Package Wish List:
New DVDs, CDs and players, Disposable Cameras, AT&T Prepaid Phone Cards, Handheld electronic games, Puzzles, Word Game and Crossword books, Battery Operated Fans, Misty Mates or other cooling products, Commercially wrapped individual packets of Trail Mix, Beef Jerky, Nuts, Cookies, Energy Bars, Sunflower Seeds, Candy, Ready To Eat Tuna or Chicken Salad kits, Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, Packets of Powdered Cold Beverage,s, Commercially sealed Lip Balm, Individual packets of moist towelettes, Packets of Stationary, Novelty Items, New Knit Hats and Gloves, New T-shirts (sizes Large and Extra Large), Travel Size containers of Foot Powder, Tobacco Products, Unsealed personal cards and letters

3) Books for Soldiers
Books for Soldiers provides used books and DVDs to our soldiers. The website will provide names and addresses for sending a care package. It is perfect use for those books you will not read again.
UPDATE: I picked a Marine to send a package to: Lcpl Brian Hooper. I'm sending books, CDs, and a few DVDs. In the package, I will include a card. Please add any comments you would like to include in the card in the comments section below or email me.
(Hat Tip - Shawn from Middie Back)

If you know of another program I can add to this list, please send me an email or leave a comment below.