Monday, November 01, 2004

This Space For Sale

Ahh, the age of blogotics is coming to a crossroads. By this time next week thousands of blogs will close up, their duty done. As for me, I will like to ride off into the sunset with my head high. I started this blog on August 18th, 2004 and enjoyed each one of the 126 posts and 24, 039 words I put together. My desire to get out and start this site was born on the frustration of being a political outcast in New York, Republicans have seemed to give up in most areas. There are some GOP outposts upstate and on Long Island, but the city is a GOP graveyard. I hope to help change that down the line. Our party needs to break into the urban democratic strong-holds. No longer should their word go unanswered, their lies go unchallenged.

I did not start out this blog to change the mind of the masses. A person with a functioning brain will not change their ideology based on an email, a celebrity's opinion, news story, blogs, or by threats. When the votes are tallied and a new president elected, only pathetic morons sit around and bitch and moan for four years until the next election. Our president should be held in high regard and be respected no matter what party they belong to. To belittle the most powerful man in the world will only hurt our country in the end. I am not just talking about people calling Bush stupid or comparing him to Hitler. I also feel the same way about the witch-hunt that surrounded the last few years of Clinton's term. It is disrespectful and takes away from real issues which we should be debating like Terrorism, Health Care, and the Economy.
So I will end one of my last posts with an appeal: Vote on November 2nd, and in January respect the president...whether it be Bush, Kerry, or Nader. To do otherwise will just divide us and make the terrorists work easier.