Wednesday, November 03, 2004

This is how I feel

Screw it, I'm gloating. For the past 4 years we have heard the media and liberal elites talk about Bush being selected not elected. The libs have been stating that Bush was not their president. Well last night, Bush became your president, now deal with it. All you crybabies who claimed your vote was stolen, eat my shoe. If you want to point fingers at what went wrong, take a look at the loser you nominated. There is nothing wrong with America.

George W. Bush won the presidency by gaining the most votes in history. Your favorite son, Bill Clinton, could not have dreamed of taking a majority of the popular vote (1992 - 43% and 1996 - 49%). Yet the man the democrats called "the most divisive candidate in history" pulled 51% of the popular vote, something even Reagan never did.

Now a word to the Democratic party leadership: You guys are a joke. History tells us that, during an incumbency, the president's party loses seats in Congress. Yet, since 2000, your leadership has seen Democratic seats disappear faster than Dan Rather's credibility. Now the first party leader since 1952 to lose, Tom Daschle, is putting together his resume to look for a new job. How is Joe Lockhart going to spin those apples?

My biggest fear as a Republican hack is that Democrats wake up and smell the coffee. They are running to the left as their votes are quickly moving right. I plead with the dems is to keep talking about stem cells, abortion, gay marriage, appeasing Europe. Soon the GOP will be able to run a bag of golf balls for office and still beat the democrats.

Viva Bush