Saturday, November 20, 2004

President Bush To The Rescue

While walking into a dinner with the leaders of 21 countries, President Bush realized one of his trusted security guards was in trouble. The guard was caught in a scrum with Chilean security officials who refused to let the agent in. Our president, seen in the picture below, lunged into a volatile situation in order came to the aid of one of his security detail.

When I was a volunteer at the Republican National Convention, one of my co-volunteers was a guy who was retired from the military. He had served his last four years as a medic on Marine-One (2 years under Clinton, 2 years under President Bush). He said the two men treated the men aboard that helicopter much differently. While Clinton was not rude, he did not show the respect and admiration that President Bush always had for these men. With Clinton it was a handshake and he was gone. Bush would know their names and ask them personal questions. On his last day, my co-volunteer buddy was called into the Oval Office and President Bush had a genuine talk with him, man-to-man. That is one reason this guy came from South Carolina to spend a few days in New York to volunteer for President Bush and the convention.

Not to drag that loser, John Kerry, into this. But remember when on of his security agents caused Monsieur Kerry to take a fall while snowboarding? Kerry called the agent a "son-of-a-b_ _ _ _". And that is why it is refreshing to know that we have four more years of someone who would put his neck on the line, to come to the aid of someone who is paid to put their neck on the line. Viva Bush.