Monday, November 01, 2004

The Best of You are so Liberal

I will start Election Day by voting, the rest of the day will be spent celebrating my fiancée’s birthday. Being a political junkie, you'd expect me to be on the couch and online all day. In 2000 I was up until 2am, finally giving up only to wake up and not have a president for another month. As for my fiancée, do you believe she has the nerve to be born on Election Day? Anyway, she hates politics and I love her so I have sworn off election coverage in order to have a nice birthday celebration with her. Not to worry, I will have my cell phone and will be checking in on the results periodically. Following my "Yankees in six" prediction, I still stand by my view that Bush will win, eventually.

Reminder: I will be live-blogging on November 3rd, giving reaction from the masses in New York, if Bush wins. If Bush loses, I'll cry into my Cheerios and kick my dog.

Please check out the previous seven You Are So Liberal posts, but for you lazy government-cheese eating, French speaking surrender monkeys, here are the best entries. If you see another one that you think should be included, please add it to the comments or email me.

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If a Redskin loss on Sunday is the only hope you have for a presidential victory on Tuesday, you might be a liberal.

You're so liberal if you are pissed because your 13 year old child cannot read, but you don't blame the teacher for not doing their job, the school system for keeping bad teachers around, teacher's union for making it impossible to fire bad teachers, or yourself. It must be the video games fault.

You're so liberal if Al Gore's son is your drug dealer.

You're so liberal if you support removing Saddam even though you acknowledge there are no WMD's before you were against removing Saddam because he had no WMDs.

You're so liberal if you owe a late fee on a book you checked out of the Clinton Presidential Library..bonus, if it was a pop-up book based on Clinton's domestic affairs.

If you get both your political and keg stands from Ted Kennedy, you might be a liberal.

If your ratings are torpedoed by a group of jammie-wearing bloggers, you might be a liberal.(hat-tip - Kitty)

If you spent Christmas in Cambodia and Armistice day in Safwan, you might be a liberal.

If you think The West Wing is a reality are a liberal
(Hat Tip - Martha)

If your grandmother expresses her political ideals with a are a liberal

You're so Liberal.... because you haven't taken the time to think
(Hat Tip - wadi66)

If you registered to vote....35 times, You might be a liberal.

You are a liberal if you equate terrorism with hos and bookies.

You might be a liberal if you can decry the lack of adequate health care for everyone after you have made your fortune on frivolous medical personal injury class action lawsuits that put even good doctors out of business.
(Hat Tip - Scarey Kerry)

You are a liberal if you called your lawyer to see who to sue for a flu shot

You are a liberal if you see nothing wrong with the fact you have to show a picture id at Blockbuster, but not to vote for president.

And the Top Sign You might be a liberal:
If your party's crack voter registration drive does indeed involve crack, you might be a liberal.