Wednesday, November 03, 2004

4 More Years!

Bush wins electoral college/popular vote, GOP gains in House/Senate, media still holding exit polls in the state of denial.

I was able to tune in last night around 9pm. Before that I was able to sneak away from my fiancée’s all-day birthday celebration to see that Drudge was reporting that Kerry was doing well in the exit polls. As I flicked on the television, I expected to see a swath of blue then I would start to look forward to 2008. Instead this sea of red covered the map even on CBS. So, like I did in 2000, I pulled up the couch in the anticipation of another long election night.

Around 2am, I was resigned to an undecided election and flicked over to Fox, they just called Ohio for Bush! Then NBC called Ohio as well for Bush. Tim Russert took his little e-book and basically crossed off any chance for Kerry, as the mood there turned to asking what went wrong. Moral voters, missing youth vote, security moms, NASCAR dads, etc.... Determined to watch Dan Rather call Ohio for Bush, and putting the nail in the coffin for Camp Kerry. Instead he kept ranting about not wanting to jump the gun (forgetting that they called California for Kerry before the polls closed). After waiting for the call that would not come, I submitted and went to bed.

I spoke with my wife-to-be this morning and gloated. She probably did not vote for Bush, but I told her that I was just glad she voted. I told her that Bush won, the lame arguments that he was selected not elected in 2000 has been muted by the totals in 2004. Bush has the largest vote total than any president EVER. Bill Clinton never passed 50% in the popular vote, Bush has 51%.

In the end, the best part of the night was the live shots from Boston. Still gleeful over their Sox World Series title, the Boston locals had to suck on a big lemon all night. The media seems to cling to hope that some miracle will happen with these provisional ballots, which would need to favor Kerry by over 90%. Sorry Dan, it's not going to happen.