Monday, November 29, 2004

Blogger Update

Sorry I have not posted in awhile. My fiancé and I are doing our best to spur the economy by purchasing a house. No new home is complete without man's best friend, so we also bought a dog.

Daisy, our 10-week old Cockapoo.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

President Bush To The Rescue

While walking into a dinner with the leaders of 21 countries, President Bush realized one of his trusted security guards was in trouble. The guard was caught in a scrum with Chilean security officials who refused to let the agent in. Our president, seen in the picture below, lunged into a volatile situation in order came to the aid of one of his security detail.

When I was a volunteer at the Republican National Convention, one of my co-volunteers was a guy who was retired from the military. He had served his last four years as a medic on Marine-One (2 years under Clinton, 2 years under President Bush). He said the two men treated the men aboard that helicopter much differently. While Clinton was not rude, he did not show the respect and admiration that President Bush always had for these men. With Clinton it was a handshake and he was gone. Bush would know their names and ask them personal questions. On his last day, my co-volunteer buddy was called into the Oval Office and President Bush had a genuine talk with him, man-to-man. That is one reason this guy came from South Carolina to spend a few days in New York to volunteer for President Bush and the convention.

Not to drag that loser, John Kerry, into this. But remember when on of his security agents caused Monsieur Kerry to take a fall while snowboarding? Kerry called the agent a "son-of-a-b_ _ _ _". And that is why it is refreshing to know that we have four more years of someone who would put his neck on the line, to come to the aid of someone who is paid to put their neck on the line. Viva Bush.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Newsday: Economy Does Not Suck

LI's jobless rate: How low can it go
As unemployment falls to 3.7 percent last month, some experts warn shortage of labor may be ahead

Long Island's Liberal rag, Newsday, admitted today that the economy is not as bad as it had reported during the election cycle. The Long Island unemployment rate fell to 3.7%. The daily's editorial/news stories painted a bleak picture just a few weeks ago. Now the paper reports that the lowest unemployment rate since October 2001 has actually produced "full employment" - which is the point at which the economy is generating enough jobs to accommodate nearly everyone who is looking. Now experts are cautioning that the expanding economy (which was called a recession before November 2nd) is going to create a labor shortage.

In other news, an audit showed that Newsday's circulation is down 98,000 from a year ago. The paper is cutting 100 workers from its newsroom. I wonder how they feel about that low unemployment rate now?

New York In a Red State of Mind?

My buddy Thomas Galvin has some great number crunching posts here and here on Bush's 2004 results in New York City compared to 2000. In all 5 boroughs of New York, Bush gained ground, while Kerry lost Gore votes in all but one. While Bush lost the city, hands down, he did make a stronger showing than 2000. All this, with almost no advertising, no (non-fund-raiser) campaign stops, a liberal local media, and a ballot that included a weak GOP candidate for the US Senate and sparse candidates for local offices.

Maybe this blog had something to do with it. Hey Karl Rove lets talk, email me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Linda Ronstadt is a Douche-bag

"People don't realize that by voting Republican, they voted against themselves," she says. Of Iraq in particular, she adds, "I worry that some people are entertained by the idea of this war. They don't know anything about the Iraqis, but they're angry and frustrated in their own lives. It's like Germany, before Hitler took over. The economy was bad and people felt kicked around. They looked for a scapegoat. Now we've got a new bunch of Hitlers."
-Linda Ronstadt

It's amazing that the loony-left is still spouting absurd garbage like this. As the election showed, they are not relevant. The millions of dollars, rock tours, and mockumentary films they put out had no effect on the American people, unlike them we can think on our own.

(Hat Tip - LGF)

Hillary T-Shirts For Sale

Click Here to buy your official Marc Jacobs 'Hillary' t-shirt. For only $38.50, you can show everyone how liberal and elite you are. Those red-state people with their moral values, will be shocked and awed by your political statement. Don't be sad that your candidate was a loser in 2004 or that your party lost more seats in both the Senate and House, you can take it all in stride with Hillary gear. What are you waiting for?

On another note, Target is selling a t-shirt without Hillary's face on it, for only $9.00.

Monday, November 15, 2004

What You Can Do

What You Can Do
Here are a couple of programs the average citizen can do to help our troops and to say "up yours Osama":
1) Help Our Troops Call Home
- The Department of Defense announced that individuals or organizations can buy prepaid phone cards through the Armed Services Exchanges for troops who are deployed.

Click the link to buy phone card(s) for:
Individual family member, friend, or loved one
Troops Deployed in Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom
Air Force Members and their families
Troops wounded in action
Sailors, Marines and their families in need
Military members participating in USO Programs

2) Operation Gratitude (USO Care Packages)
The USO is sending out care packages to our troops. The government wants to free up some of the pipeline for packages sent directly from the families of soldiers, so people are putting together packages and the USO are going to ship them to the bases to give out as the troops are being deployed or who are between missions in Iraq. They ask to use baggies (from gallon sized ziplock bags) with goodies inside, for security reasons. The USO also has partnerships with trucking companies, who can pick up shipments on their way through, if they have of charge.

My sister put out a box to start a drive at her workplace, The Princeton Review in New Jersey. Word spread and the next day, the box was full. Word continued to spread and she now needs an office to hold all the donations.
Care Package Wish List:
New DVDs, CDs and players, Disposable Cameras, AT&T Prepaid Phone Cards, Handheld electronic games, Puzzles, Word Game and Crossword books, Battery Operated Fans, Misty Mates or other cooling products, Commercially wrapped individual packets of Trail Mix, Beef Jerky, Nuts, Cookies, Energy Bars, Sunflower Seeds, Candy, Ready To Eat Tuna or Chicken Salad kits, Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, Packets of Powdered Cold Beverage,s, Commercially sealed Lip Balm, Individual packets of moist towelettes, Packets of Stationary, Novelty Items, New Knit Hats and Gloves, New T-shirts (sizes Large and Extra Large), Travel Size containers of Foot Powder, Tobacco Products, Unsealed personal cards and letters

3) Books for Soldiers
Books for Soldiers provides used books and DVDs to our soldiers. The website will provide names and addresses for sending a care package. It is perfect use for those books you will not read again.
UPDATE: I picked a Marine to send a package to: Lcpl Brian Hooper. I'm sending books, CDs, and a few DVDs. In the package, I will include a card. Please add any comments you would like to include in the card in the comments section below or email me.
(Hat Tip - Shawn from Middie Back)

If you know of another program I can add to this list, please send me an email or leave a comment below.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

CBS Fires Producer

"An overly aggressive CBS News producer jumped the gun..."

With that CBS fired the producer...for interupting CSI to break the news that Yasser Arafat was dead. This is the same network, who has not fired anyone in response to the fake documents story put out by an overly aggressive CBS News producer who jumped the gun.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Red Country

Square miles of counties won
Bush - 2,500,000
Kerry - 511,700

Thursday, November 11, 2004

RIP: Socialized Healthcare (1994-2004)

Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen (D) has announced his intentions to pull the plug on the failed healthcare monster called TennCare. The $7.8 billion a year program could cost the state 91% of new tax dollars in 2008. ''TennCare was, and is, a wonderful dream,'' Bredesen said. ''It appears this morning that the dream is over".

Back in 1994, the state of Tennessee swept the entire population on Medicade and a number of uninsured citizens into the new program called TennCare. Under TennCare, the enrollees would be covered under a managed care program administered by private managed care organizations, which would offer a comprehensive benefit package determined by the state. The state, in turn, would pay managed care organizations a flat fee per member per month, called a capitation payment.

The mismanaged program was ripe with errors, one being massive fraud. To be eligible for TennCare, you must be a Tennessee resident...but a PO Box was all that was needed to claim residency and enter the program. There were no audits or measures established to stop people from other states and even other countries from opening a PO Box and enjoying free healthcare. An independent audit found that even dead people from West Palm Beach, Florida were enrolled in TennCare. A 2002 audit showed that nearly 20,000 people were enrolled in TennCare who lived out of state, 130,000 had only a PO Box for an address, prisoners were enrolled, and some people were enrolled more than once. The program would also enroll people automatically if they lost their healthcare, while making it difficult to impossible for people to get out. One family reported that their newborn baby was enrolled without their knowledge.

The fraud reached all levels, including a cab company who was paid to transport patients to and from doctor visits, and ended up over billing TennCare for millions of taxpayer dollars. In October a couple of ladies were arrested after being caught selling drugs they obtained through TennCare. Doctors and Pharmacist were also being investigated for multiple billings for one service, receiving kickbacks in return for medical service, Dispensing generic drugs then billing the MCO for expensive brand-name drugs, and billing the program for services that were never performed.

First Arafat, now TennCare. It's turning out to be a pretty good week.

Click here for the TN Tax Revolt audit of TennCare
Bill Hobbs adds his insight
Nashville Files thinks Bredesen will replace TennCare with another TennCare-like program

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


"God has a hard on for Marines, because we kill everything we see. He plays His games, we play ours. To show our appreciation for so much power, we keep heaven packed with fresh souls. God was here before the Marine Corps, so you can give your heart to Jesus, but your ass belongs to the corps." - Full Metal Jacket

God speed and good luck to the men of the USMC. Give them hell boys.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Send Him Home

A DJ for a Long Island Classic Rock station was so sure that Bush was going to be sent home to Crawford on November 2nd that he stated he would leave his job if the outcome was any different. Well, Bush won and Greg has put in his two-week notice. The station, WRCN, is holding a poll letting the voters choose if Greg should go or not. Initial tallies show that it is not looking well for Greg, voting ends on November 12th. To vote, click here and then click on the American map with "Decision Glenn 2004" to the right.

Maybe Greg can join the flocks heading to Canada.

(Hat Tip - Polipundit)

Update: As of Thursday (11/11) the vote is 84-16% for him to go.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Canada For Dummies

Here is a little Canada information for all you libs out there who want to flee our great nation because your hopes of a liberal utopia were dashed by 60 million stupid Americans. Please, don't stop and think about staying, go now. The United States will not miss you and I am sure Canada is great this time of year.

Population: 31,946,316 (not including polar bears)
Language: English 59.3% (official), French 23.2% (official), other 17.5%
Life expectancy: male:76.02 years/ female:83 years (sorry guys)
Population growth rate: 1.02% (2000 est.)
National holiday: Canada Day, July 1st
Political parties: Bloc Quebecois, Liberal Party, New Democratic Party, Progressive Conservative Party, Reform Party
Geography: second-largest country in world (after Russia); strategic location between Russia and US via north polar route; nearly 90% of the population is concentrated within 160 km of the US/Canada border.
Inflation rate: 1.7%
Unemployment Rate:
7.1% (USA - 5.5%)
Crime: 962.8 violent crimes per 100,000 people

Here is the most direct route from New York City:

Click on the map for driving instructions.

Click Here for the Department of Immigration....en francais
Ryder lets you rent moving trucks to Canada
Here is some information about Hockey and Curling
LaBatts, the best thing to come out of Canada since Molson
Want to get to Canada faster? Fly AirCanada

Blue State Blues

Views from a Blue State
Here are some Letters to the Editor from The NY Daily News.

Civics lesson
I'll never vote again. I was told my vote counts, but obviously that went out the window along with my hopes and dreams for a safer, more prosperous, healthier world. I've had enough of my vote being wasted. Let's go destroy the inaugural. Don't we have a constitutional right to overthrow the government? -Grisela Sanabria
--Vote or Die. So your vote only counts when your candidate wins? I voted for George Bush in New York City...Do you think my vote counted for anything? As for a right to overthrow the, but you do have a right to not vote, use it in 2008.

Morning after
Flushing: To all Americans who voted for President Bush: Maybe you'll get it when you're standing on the unemployment line, sending your children off to fight a senseless war and losing your health insurance. -Cindy Bomzer
--Are you talking to me or the Democrats like John Edwards and Tom Daschle who were fired this week? I still have my job and in October 337,000 people were hired nationwide.

Unity this
Brooklyn: Bush will get no unity from New York City. We supported John Kerry because we want no part of Bush's crusades. Yeah, Mr. Bush. We got your unity right here, and it was for Kerry. -David Michaelson

--David, 40% of New York went for Mr. Bush, better than he did in 2000. Plus, it looks like your unity was less for Kerry than it was for "not-Bush". Check the ballot, "not-Bush" was not running and Kerry lost. Get over it.

Not our kind
Manhattan: The country has spoken. Middle America wants an unmanageable war, tax cuts for the rich, massive deficits and extreme right-wing social values. Maybe it's time for the Northeast to secede from those idiots. - William Miller

--Check this map out. Red streches from sea to shining sea. Try this on the map, take your finger and run it right-to-left, you could do that and touch only red without lifting your finger, not so with blue. Now take that finger and shove it up your....

Reasonable dialogues
Whitestone: As a daily reader of all the New York newspapers, I particularly enjoy letters to the editor. I supported John Kerry for President — but I was amazed to see so many really vitriolic letters from some people who were resorting to name-calling of Bush supporters. George W. Bush did win the election fairly, I believe, without any shenanigans. Thus, he deserves, as Kerry stated in his concession speech, support from all Americans. We can only hope that the President and his administration will listen carefully to all the diverse citizens who cast their votes and will be open enough to change previously held views for different approaches when warranted. -Leonore Brooks

--Amen, someone did not drink the DNC Kool-Aid.

Kerry Is Now a Bigger Loser

Iowa has finally called in their results and it's another state for Bush. That means, from 2000, only 1 red state (New Hampshire) switched over to the dark side and 2 (Iowa and New Mexico) turned red.

Final Tally
Bush - 286
Kerry - 252

Thursday, November 04, 2004

2008 Endorsement

GOP and the City endorses Rudy Giuliani for President in 2008, with Bill Frist as VP. The democrats would need to develop stem cells from the bodies of Elvis and JFK, in order to clone a super-candidate to even be competitive.

Update: Get your Rudy 2008 Wifebeater here.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"I will need your support, and I will work to earn it. I will do all I can to deserve your trust...We are entering a season of hope," - George W. Bush to Kerry supporters

"If Bush wins, then I can only feel joy that the American people did not allow itself to be intimidated, and made the most sensible decision," - Vladimir Putin

"The continuation on Bush's part of American policy represents an advantage for us." - Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi

This is how I feel

Screw it, I'm gloating. For the past 4 years we have heard the media and liberal elites talk about Bush being selected not elected. The libs have been stating that Bush was not their president. Well last night, Bush became your president, now deal with it. All you crybabies who claimed your vote was stolen, eat my shoe. If you want to point fingers at what went wrong, take a look at the loser you nominated. There is nothing wrong with America.

George W. Bush won the presidency by gaining the most votes in history. Your favorite son, Bill Clinton, could not have dreamed of taking a majority of the popular vote (1992 - 43% and 1996 - 49%). Yet the man the democrats called "the most divisive candidate in history" pulled 51% of the popular vote, something even Reagan never did.

Now a word to the Democratic party leadership: You guys are a joke. History tells us that, during an incumbency, the president's party loses seats in Congress. Yet, since 2000, your leadership has seen Democratic seats disappear faster than Dan Rather's credibility. Now the first party leader since 1952 to lose, Tom Daschle, is putting together his resume to look for a new job. How is Joe Lockhart going to spin those apples?

My biggest fear as a Republican hack is that Democrats wake up and smell the coffee. They are running to the left as their votes are quickly moving right. I plead with the dems is to keep talking about stem cells, abortion, gay marriage, appeasing Europe. Soon the GOP will be able to run a bag of golf balls for office and still beat the democrats.

Viva Bush

It's Official: Kerry Is a Loser

Much to the dismay of trial lawyers across the country, Kerry gave in to reality and conceded the election to George W. Bush. Which means I need to rush home tonight to watch CBS News as Dan Rather announces (with a clinched fist) that Bush has been reelected.

In a related story, I have been outed as a Republican at work and have been defending my positions. It will be a long day.

Goodbye Mr. Breslin

Senile coot, Jimmy Breslin filed his last column on Tuesday. Aply titled "I'm right -- again. So I Quit,". Sorry Jimmy, you were wrong -- again. In his final editorial he wrote "So I go to bed with total confidence. ... And I leave today as the only one in America who from the start was sure John Kerry would win by a large margin".

Enjoy retirement, I will enjoy not reading your crap you try to pass off as a column.

4 More Years!

Bush wins electoral college/popular vote, GOP gains in House/Senate, media still holding exit polls in the state of denial.

I was able to tune in last night around 9pm. Before that I was able to sneak away from my fiancée’s all-day birthday celebration to see that Drudge was reporting that Kerry was doing well in the exit polls. As I flicked on the television, I expected to see a swath of blue then I would start to look forward to 2008. Instead this sea of red covered the map even on CBS. So, like I did in 2000, I pulled up the couch in the anticipation of another long election night.

Around 2am, I was resigned to an undecided election and flicked over to Fox, they just called Ohio for Bush! Then NBC called Ohio as well for Bush. Tim Russert took his little e-book and basically crossed off any chance for Kerry, as the mood there turned to asking what went wrong. Moral voters, missing youth vote, security moms, NASCAR dads, etc.... Determined to watch Dan Rather call Ohio for Bush, and putting the nail in the coffin for Camp Kerry. Instead he kept ranting about not wanting to jump the gun (forgetting that they called California for Kerry before the polls closed). After waiting for the call that would not come, I submitted and went to bed.

I spoke with my wife-to-be this morning and gloated. She probably did not vote for Bush, but I told her that I was just glad she voted. I told her that Bush won, the lame arguments that he was selected not elected in 2000 has been muted by the totals in 2004. Bush has the largest vote total than any president EVER. Bill Clinton never passed 50% in the popular vote, Bush has 51%.

In the end, the best part of the night was the live shots from Boston. Still gleeful over their Sox World Series title, the Boston locals had to suck on a big lemon all night. The media seems to cling to hope that some miracle will happen with these provisional ballots, which would need to favor Kerry by over 90%. Sorry Dan, it's not going to happen.

Monday, November 01, 2004

The Best of You are so Liberal

I will start Election Day by voting, the rest of the day will be spent celebrating my fiancée’s birthday. Being a political junkie, you'd expect me to be on the couch and online all day. In 2000 I was up until 2am, finally giving up only to wake up and not have a president for another month. As for my fiancée, do you believe she has the nerve to be born on Election Day? Anyway, she hates politics and I love her so I have sworn off election coverage in order to have a nice birthday celebration with her. Not to worry, I will have my cell phone and will be checking in on the results periodically. Following my "Yankees in six" prediction, I still stand by my view that Bush will win, eventually.

Reminder: I will be live-blogging on November 3rd, giving reaction from the masses in New York, if Bush wins. If Bush loses, I'll cry into my Cheerios and kick my dog.

Please check out the previous seven You Are So Liberal posts, but for you lazy government-cheese eating, French speaking surrender monkeys, here are the best entries. If you see another one that you think should be included, please add it to the comments or email me.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

If a Redskin loss on Sunday is the only hope you have for a presidential victory on Tuesday, you might be a liberal.

You're so liberal if you are pissed because your 13 year old child cannot read, but you don't blame the teacher for not doing their job, the school system for keeping bad teachers around, teacher's union for making it impossible to fire bad teachers, or yourself. It must be the video games fault.

You're so liberal if Al Gore's son is your drug dealer.

You're so liberal if you support removing Saddam even though you acknowledge there are no WMD's before you were against removing Saddam because he had no WMDs.

You're so liberal if you owe a late fee on a book you checked out of the Clinton Presidential Library..bonus, if it was a pop-up book based on Clinton's domestic affairs.

If you get both your political and keg stands from Ted Kennedy, you might be a liberal.

If your ratings are torpedoed by a group of jammie-wearing bloggers, you might be a liberal.(hat-tip - Kitty)

If you spent Christmas in Cambodia and Armistice day in Safwan, you might be a liberal.

If you think The West Wing is a reality are a liberal
(Hat Tip - Martha)

If your grandmother expresses her political ideals with a are a liberal

You're so Liberal.... because you haven't taken the time to think
(Hat Tip - wadi66)

If you registered to vote....35 times, You might be a liberal.

You are a liberal if you equate terrorism with hos and bookies.

You might be a liberal if you can decry the lack of adequate health care for everyone after you have made your fortune on frivolous medical personal injury class action lawsuits that put even good doctors out of business.
(Hat Tip - Scarey Kerry)

You are a liberal if you called your lawyer to see who to sue for a flu shot

You are a liberal if you see nothing wrong with the fact you have to show a picture id at Blockbuster, but not to vote for president.

And the Top Sign You might be a liberal:
If your party's crack voter registration drive does indeed involve crack, you might be a liberal.

This Space For Sale

Ahh, the age of blogotics is coming to a crossroads. By this time next week thousands of blogs will close up, their duty done. As for me, I will like to ride off into the sunset with my head high. I started this blog on August 18th, 2004 and enjoyed each one of the 126 posts and 24, 039 words I put together. My desire to get out and start this site was born on the frustration of being a political outcast in New York, Republicans have seemed to give up in most areas. There are some GOP outposts upstate and on Long Island, but the city is a GOP graveyard. I hope to help change that down the line. Our party needs to break into the urban democratic strong-holds. No longer should their word go unanswered, their lies go unchallenged.

I did not start out this blog to change the mind of the masses. A person with a functioning brain will not change their ideology based on an email, a celebrity's opinion, news story, blogs, or by threats. When the votes are tallied and a new president elected, only pathetic morons sit around and bitch and moan for four years until the next election. Our president should be held in high regard and be respected no matter what party they belong to. To belittle the most powerful man in the world will only hurt our country in the end. I am not just talking about people calling Bush stupid or comparing him to Hitler. I also feel the same way about the witch-hunt that surrounded the last few years of Clinton's term. It is disrespectful and takes away from real issues which we should be debating like Terrorism, Health Care, and the Economy.
So I will end one of my last posts with an appeal: Vote on November 2nd, and in January respect the president...whether it be Bush, Kerry, or Nader. To do otherwise will just divide us and make the terrorists work easier.