Monday, October 04, 2004

When Dem's Attack

When Linda Fuda went to her friend's Upper West Side pad with some Bush signs and stickers, she never thought she would be assaulted for her political beliefs. Linda was waiting in the lobby for her friend's building when 86 year-old thug, Ruth Spitz approached Linda and said "get out of here with that trash, you don't belong here". The geriatric bully then ripped the signs and rapped her cane across the backside of Ms. Fuda.

When contacted the Bush-basher Spitz claimed that she did not hit anyone but stated the Bush-supporter "didn't belong in the building". The police were called, the victim reported "I wanted to file a report because someone in her state shouldn't be living alone". Touché.
NY Post Article

This comes after an air-rage incident where a Kerry-fan assaulted a Bush-supporting woman on an airplane, forcing air marshals to sit next to him as the plane made an emergency landing in Canada.

Update: Man has 8-foot swastika burned into his yard because of his Bush yard signs.

Update: Police file report on Bush-bashing granny in New York.

Update: Shots fired at Bush-Cheney HQs in Knoxville, TN and Huntington, WV.

Update: Protestors rushed GOP HQ in Orlando, FL. Once inside, the thugs wrecked the office, defaced signs, and assaulted a worker.

Update: $5,000 reward for information on the person who is hacking down Bush signs in Colorado. No Kerry signs have been reported damaged.

Update: The Politburo Diktat has a comprehensive run down of all the violence brought on by the Democrats.

Update: More from Six-Meat Buffet.

Update: StanleyKurtz writes about the "Climate of Fear" brought on by the violence.

Update: GOP HQ in Spokane, Washington is burglarized.

Update: Bush campaign manager sends a letter to AFL-CIO to call off the violence.

Update: More signs in California torn down.

Update: Minnesota gets a taste of Democract vandals.

Update: Maryland gets into the act.

Update: Signs in front of house in Michigan get shot at.

Update: Edwardsville, IL also has vandals (with pictures).

Update: Greene County TN (with pictures)