Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Weekly Reader Poll: Bush Wins, Pizza Rules

Cameron Mouton, 6, casts his vote on an electronic voting screen in Florida. That is, a 6 year-old was able to do something the NAACP thinks adults are not smart enough for.

Elementary schools across the nation participated in Weekly Reader's Presidential Poll. Since 1956, the Weekly Reader poll has correctly picked the winning candidate. In the 2004 poll, without the help of union thugs and lawyers, John Kerry lost to President Bush 65-33, with "Other" netting 2%. John Kerry "pulled a Mondale", only winning a single state (Maryland). Bush tied Kerry in New York, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C. and Vermont. Zogby compiled the results.

Political insiders are not commenting if news, that Kerry actually voted for kickball before he voted against it, swayed the electorate into voting for Bush. Word is spreading that Jesse Jackson has planned a march to protest the results stating:"Weekly Reader used it's racist comics and commentary to steal the election".

Overall Results
Bush - 198,286 - 65%
Kerry - 101,051 - 33%
Other - 4,961 - 2%

Kindergarten - Bush (70-29)
1st Grade - Bush (70-28)
2nd Grade - Bush (71-28)
3rd Grade - Bush (72-28)
4th Grade - Bush (64-35)
5th Grade - Bush (42-29)
6th Grade - Bush (58-40)
7th Grade - Bush (53-41)
8th Grade - Bush (52-42)
9th Grade - Bush (56-37)
10th Grade - Kerry (57-39)
11th Grade - Bush (53-43)
12th Grade - Bush (58-39)

(Hat Tip - Mighty Righty)