Thursday, October 14, 2004

Round 3 - Bush Win

After watching last night's debate, which had Bush as the clear winner, I could not help myself but to watch the spin machine one more time. Are the media insane? Do they really think that John Kerry did well last night? They keep citing these internet polls that had Kerry winning 71% to Bush's 29%. That is an improvement for Bush/Cheney after John Edwards' 99% - 1% win over Cheney, if you want to look at these polls. He was supposed to clear the floor on the domestic agenda, instead he made a great showing on why we need to re-elect George W. Bush. Bush was firm, and made sense, where Kerry looked like an auctioneer throwing out numbers left and right. A wise man once told me he could not vote for Kerry because he does not believe a word he says. I happen to agree.

After Edwards claim that they could cure all ailments and last night's number scam, Senators Kerry and Edwards should go back and dust off their chairs in Washington. Maybe they can invite Cheney's lesbian daughter and Michael J. Fox to sit with them, since they are using both in a failed attempt at the White House. Maybe they can get a good seat to watch Bush’s inauguration.

Also, what is with these stupid tracking graphs the media is rolling out? I don't care what Bob liked when Bush was talking about taxes and I don't need a bar graph to help me make up my mind.

Fox news claims a Bush victory.
Cartoon Nazi also calls Bush the victor, calls 40 states for W.