Monday, October 04, 2004

Rock The College Vote

My brother took to writing a blog about his life as a college student and ardent Republican. He picked up some propaganda on the way into his dorm. Check out his review of the Kerry/Edwards piece here. Both candidates are aiming at the college-voting block; I have one question.
Why? Think back to your college days (if you can remember them). I was too lazy to get up for an 11am class, let alone get active in politics. I cared more about $0.25 hamburger night at McDonalds than I did about the price of oil. When in college you live in a bubble, isolated from the real world. Beer specials and what frat party to go to are the main issues you deal with. You expect a kid, who just sold his textbooks for beer money, to have a legible opinion on the deficit?
(Hat Tip - GOP and College)