Friday, October 29, 2004

October Suprise From The Swift Vets

Breaking: NY Sun posts update on story

Post taken from the forum at SwiftVets.

Okay, folks. We got it finally.
We have the Former Secretary of the Navy who stated, "Yes, Kerry did receive an Other Than Honorable Discharge". Stay tuned for more...
Go my brothers and sisters -- spread the news to everyone!!!!
- Chief

If this breaks, there is no hiding from the charge for Kerry. Developing...

Update: RedState notes that the post has been removed from the SwiftVet forum. There is also talk that the post author has ties to the core Swifties.

Update: According to an insider, the tipster who leaked the news above was none other than the source behind the documents at Texas Tech University's Vietnam library that tie Kerry and the VVAW to Madame Binh and the VietCong (search for documents: 2150901039b and 2150901041). Also, he served with Senator Kerry on the US/Russian Commission for POW/MIA's...

Update: Note from Chief - "Do you trust me? What I posted earlier is coming..."