Thursday, October 28, 2004

November 3: Special Live Blogging Event

GOP and the City will be live-blogging from New York City on November 3rd. From this site you will experience a collection of random quotes and sightings in New York City following the re-election of George W. Bush.

Here are the Top 10 quotes that I expect to hear from fellow New Yorkers following a Bush victory:
10. "But Bush is so stupid"
9. "No one I know voted for Bush"
8. "There is always Hillary in 2008"
7. "Can I get my $500 back from the DNC?"
6. "Step away from the food bar, Mr. Moore"
5. "I was sure Ashton Kutcher's endorsement would get Kerry elected"
4. "Damn the Swift Vets"
3. "I was disenfranchised, I only got to vote once"
2. "If we had only spent another $600 million, we could have won"

and the #1 Quote I expect to hear from New Yorker's following Kerry's defeat
1. "Fuhgetaboutit"

Update: Cape Cod Times endorses Bush