Friday, October 15, 2004

My Endorsement

Please note: This was written at 1:45am after watching Jerry Maguire. So it is more of a mission statement than anything else. Please excuse the poor use of English, a fitting tribute to an endorsement for president George W. Bush.

Following Crush Kerry's stellar endorsement for President Bush, I would like to also make an announcement. GOP and the City is endorsing President George W. Bush to lead our great nation for another four years.

Why? Because I'm a New Yorker and terrorism is a key concern for me. If it's not the most important issue this years election, I don’t know what is. Where I may not agree 100% with all of President Bush's policies, I do agree 110% that he would do a better job in defending New York and our great country from the same Islamic terrorists who have caused so much pain and suffering. By spreading the seeds of freedom in the garden of evil, we are ensuring that a new generation will never have to endure another 9/11. Where freedom grows, terrorism dies.

Not too long ago, another generation had to make some tough choices. An unpopular war, divided electorate, hard decisions, and tough economic times made the election an pivotal point in history. But, thank God the people of America re-elected the Republican Abe Lincoln in 1864.

In a recent interview a New York newspaper asked a voter who they supported. He replied "Bush. You may not agree with him, but at least you know what you are getting. With Kerry I have no idea what we would get". In this time of global challenges, we cannot afford to have a leader who has admitted that his first action as president would be to crawl back to the UN and take a global test. Kerry will try to make America popular with the same crowd who sold us out in the first place. Shall we forget that France was doing business with Saddam behind our backs and ensured that the men, women, and children of Iraq would continue to fill his mass graves uninterrupted by sanctions by Kerry's vaunted UN.

America has never tried to win a popularity contest, nor should it sink that low. If being accepted and liked is all we cared about, would we have spent the time and money needed to bring down the Evil Empire that was the Soviet Union? We would not have tried to keep a small country in Southeast Asia from the oppression of Communism. Nor would we have prevented the rape of Korea by the Communist in the 1950s. Our rebuilding of Japan and Germany after World War II was not all that popular at times. If we wanted Europe to like us, we would have not retaliated against Spain in the Spanish-American War. We would have not pursued the Barbary Pirates, put down The Boxer Rebellion, or protected Latin America from European dictators in defense of The Monroe Doctrine. In fact, from the start of our little republic, trying to pass a global test would have kept a group of patriots from facing off against the mighty British army at Bunker Hill, dumping tea into Boston Harbor, or even meeting to lay the foundation of the constitution which is the envy of the entire world. Nothing in our history was accomplished because we wanted to look swell in the eyes of the global body.

Whether you would like to admit it or not, our nation has weathered one of the most critical periods of its young life. With George W. Bush at our helm, the nation we hold dear has survived and rebounded like noone thought possible, once again we are leading the armies of freedom to make the world a safer place to live. Because of that, he has my vote.

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