Friday, October 22, 2004

John Kerry Brings Out His Guns

We have seen this shell game before. John Kerry stepping out for a staged photo-op, brandishing a gun for political gain. While this time, Kerry's foray with a gun did not result in a few disputed medals; he still used a prop to further his political future. Back in 'Nam, he staged mock battles and carried an 8mm camera with him to snap images. These movies were to show people (voters) back home that he was some sort of hero. While most men were worried about not coming back while grasping their M-16, Kerry was thinking about how to use the system to get out early, get all the right medals, and a develop a few good stories to further the image of a modern day "Audie Murphy goes to Washington".

It may have worked for Kerry early on in his political career when he was just a liberal from Massachusetts. The powers of the new media with the help of The Swift Vets have exposed his history of lies and deceit. Stolen Honor is the latest and joins the book Unfit For Command, to do the duty the mainstream media was unwilling to take on.

Now in 2004, John Kerry tries to hide his 20-year campaign against our 2nd Amendment Rights, with a mock hunting trip. The Brady campaign gives Kerry a 100% voting record in his assault on guns. The NRA has chimed in and listed Kerry's record online.

Masking the truth might have worked well for John Kerry in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s to further his agenda, but not in 2004. This "October disguise" will only help to expose Kerry as the blatant opportunist he is. On November 3rd, John Kerry will wake up and find he has plenty of time to go duck hunting.