Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Democrat Crack The Vote Update

Please note: Someone on Craigslist/Atlanta posted a link to my site. I do not share the same views and have no idea why they linked my site.
I have contacted both the poster and Craigslist to have the link removed.

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Let's recap the story. Democrat-leaning NAACP National Voter Fund director, Thaddeus Jackson pays Georgianne Pitts to register voters. Pitts gives crack cocaine a young man named Chad Staton to register voters. Staton registers 100+ fake voters such as: Michael Jordan, Mary Poppins, Jeffrey Dahmer, Janet Jackson, and Dick Tracy to name a few. Police raided the Pitt's home and found voter forms and drug paraphernalia.

Well a reader at Kerry Haters found out some more information about the man behind all this, Thaddeus Jackson. KH reader, Dan T., searched online for news articles from The Plain Dealer on Thaddeus and he found story after story of fraud by Mr. Jackson:
-- Stokes-backed candidate, Thaddeus Jackson, wins vote board seat Plain Dealer 08 Feb, 1987, pg. 12 sec. B
-- 42 at vote board laid off; some cry cronyism Plain Dealer 16 Jul, 1988, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Cuy Cty Bd of Elections' hiring of Johnnie Jackson, brother of board member, questioned Plain Dealer 08 Feb, 1991, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Election board members' kin 'rehired' Plain Dealer 22 Mar, 1991, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Thaddeus Jackson is named chairman of the Cuy Cty Bd of Elections Plain Dealer 25 Jun, 1991, pg. 02 sec. B
-- Thaddeus Jackson re-elected to four-year term on the Cuy Cty Board of Elections Plain Dealer 12 Jan, 1992, pg. 10 sec. B
-- Cuy Cty Bd of Elections Chairman Thaddeus Jackson, after botched primary, limits talk to media Plain Dealer 01 Sep, 1992, pg. 03 sec. B
-- State finds Cuy Cty Elections Bd chaos; Chrmn Thaddeus Jackson accused of nepotism Plain Dealer 22 Sep, 1992, pg. 01 sec. A
-- Reappearance of 77 ballots from June primary reverses Ward 10, Precinct P election results Plain Dealer 23 Sep, 1992, pg. 01 sec. A
-- Cuy Cty Elections Bd Chairman Thaddeus Jackson denies wrongdoing Plain Dealer 25 Sep, 1992, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Campaign '92: Beryl Rothschild claims opponent Louis Stokes got illegal $8,000 from TJ Jackson Plain Dealer 01 Oct, 1992, pg. 02 sec. B
-- Cuy Cty Bd of Elections Chrmn Thaddeus Jackson should be ousted, investigator for Taft says Plain Dealer 11 Nov, 1992, pg. 01 sec. A
-- Attacks on Cuy Cty Bd of Elections Chrmn Thaddeus Jackson racial, activist leader says Plain Dealer 22 Nov, 1992, pg. 04 sec. B
-- Thaddeus Jackson, chairman of the Cuy Cty Bd of Elections, quits before hearing on charges Plain Dealer 24 Nov, 1992, pg. 01 sec. A
-- Thaddeus Jackson admits taking $2,400 payment from voter-registration group Plain Dealer 19 Dec, 1992, pg. 01 sec. A
-- Roger M Synenberg gave election board computer rigging order, patrol reports Plain Dealer 08 Jan, 1993, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Thaddeus Jackson, ex-chrmn of the Cuy Cty Bd of Elections, gets year's probation in fund probe Plain Dealer 20 Jan, 1993, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Despite conviction, Thaddeus Jackson makes bid for Cle clerk of courts Plain Dealer 20 Aug, 1993, pg. 08 sec. C
-- Thaddeus Jackson's residency is questioned for Cle clerk of court race Plain Dealer 27 Aug, 1993, pg. 05 sec. B
-- Cuy Cty Bd of Elections removes Thaddeus Jackson from court race Plain Dealer 15 Sep, 1993, pg. 01 sec. D
-- Judge refuses to put Thaddeus Jackson in clerk race Plain Dealer 29 Sep, 1993, pg. 04 sec. C
-- Democrats Eric D Fingerhut, Thaddeus J Jackson, Sonya A Russell-Ogletree and Georgine Coso Welo seek to replace Sen Judy Sheerer in the 25th Ohio Senate District Plain Dealer 13 Apr, 1998, pg. 4 sec. B
(Hat Tip - Kerry Haters)