Friday, October 29, 2004

Kerry Caught In Another Lie

John Kerry was busted by Tom Brokow on NBC . Remember, the same John Kerry has claimed that he has released all of his military records. Also Brokaw notes that Bush's IQ is higher than Kerry's. Stratergize that and smoke it all you liberal "smarter-than-thou" Bush-haters.

Brokaw: Someone has analyzed the President's military aptitude tests and yours, and concluded that he has a higher IQ than you do.
Kerry: That's great. More power. I don't know how they've done it, because my record is not public. So I don't know where you're getting that from.

Now a little more Kerry from the April 27th edition of Hardball :
Kerry: Because I‘ve answered the questions. I released all my military records. Mr. Gillespie thought it was important enough to go travel to another state, make a big speech, demand that I release my records. I did. Everything. All of it. Including my officer fitness reports.

October Suprise From The Swift Vets

Breaking: NY Sun posts update on story

Post taken from the forum at SwiftVets.

Okay, folks. We got it finally.
We have the Former Secretary of the Navy who stated, "Yes, Kerry did receive an Other Than Honorable Discharge". Stay tuned for more...
Go my brothers and sisters -- spread the news to everyone!!!!
- Chief

If this breaks, there is no hiding from the charge for Kerry. Developing...

Update: RedState notes that the post has been removed from the SwiftVet forum. There is also talk that the post author has ties to the core Swifties.

Update: According to an insider, the tipster who leaked the news above was none other than the source behind the documents at Texas Tech University's Vietnam library that tie Kerry and the VVAW to Madame Binh and the VietCong (search for documents: 2150901039b and 2150901041). Also, he served with Senator Kerry on the US/Russian Commission for POW/MIA's...

Update: Note from Chief - "Do you trust me? What I posted earlier is coming..."

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Boston Still Sucks, Shilling's Ok

From Good Morning America today:

GIBSON: "Well, well said, Curt and Shonda. You both have certainly lifelong membership now in the Red Sox nation. It was a great thing to watch, and I think everybody – whether they were great Red Sox fans or not — had to admire what this team did. It was extraordinary, and one of the great stories of sport. And sport always produces such great stories. Curt, Shonda, great to have you with us. Congratulations."

SCHILLING: "And make sure you tell everybody to vote, and vote Bush next week."
(Hat Tip - Kerry Spot)

November 3: Special Live Blogging Event

GOP and the City will be live-blogging from New York City on November 3rd. From this site you will experience a collection of random quotes and sightings in New York City following the re-election of George W. Bush.

Here are the Top 10 quotes that I expect to hear from fellow New Yorkers following a Bush victory:
10. "But Bush is so stupid"
9. "No one I know voted for Bush"
8. "There is always Hillary in 2008"
7. "Can I get my $500 back from the DNC?"
6. "Step away from the food bar, Mr. Moore"
5. "I was sure Ashton Kutcher's endorsement would get Kerry elected"
4. "Damn the Swift Vets"
3. "I was disenfranchised, I only got to vote once"
2. "If we had only spent another $600 million, we could have won"

and the #1 Quote I expect to hear from New Yorker's following Kerry's defeat
1. "Fuhgetaboutit"

Update: Cape Cod Times endorses Bush

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Weekly Reader Poll: Bush Wins, Pizza Rules

Cameron Mouton, 6, casts his vote on an electronic voting screen in Florida. That is, a 6 year-old was able to do something the NAACP thinks adults are not smart enough for.

Elementary schools across the nation participated in Weekly Reader's Presidential Poll. Since 1956, the Weekly Reader poll has correctly picked the winning candidate. In the 2004 poll, without the help of union thugs and lawyers, John Kerry lost to President Bush 65-33, with "Other" netting 2%. John Kerry "pulled a Mondale", only winning a single state (Maryland). Bush tied Kerry in New York, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C. and Vermont. Zogby compiled the results.

Political insiders are not commenting if news, that Kerry actually voted for kickball before he voted against it, swayed the electorate into voting for Bush. Word is spreading that Jesse Jackson has planned a march to protest the results stating:"Weekly Reader used it's racist comics and commentary to steal the election".

Overall Results
Bush - 198,286 - 65%
Kerry - 101,051 - 33%
Other - 4,961 - 2%

Kindergarten - Bush (70-29)
1st Grade - Bush (70-28)
2nd Grade - Bush (71-28)
3rd Grade - Bush (72-28)
4th Grade - Bush (64-35)
5th Grade - Bush (42-29)
6th Grade - Bush (58-40)
7th Grade - Bush (53-41)
8th Grade - Bush (52-42)
9th Grade - Bush (56-37)
10th Grade - Kerry (57-39)
11th Grade - Bush (53-43)
12th Grade - Bush (58-39)

(Hat Tip - Mighty Righty)

Democrat Road Rage

The Smoking Gun has the police report on Barry Seltzer and his attempt to run over Rep. Katherine Harris of Florida and a group of supporters. The registered democrat was arrested and claimed, "I was exercising my political expression, I did not run them down, I scared them a little."

We can add aggravated assault with a deadly weapon to the list of crimes committed across the country against people who have the nerve to be Republicans. I noted a political-motivated assault here in New York by a cane-swinging 86-year-old woman in a post aptly titled, When Dem's Attack. When will a leading Democrat come forward and ask their party faithful to stop the violence.

More links
Reuters posts the story
Outside The Beltway has a post
Powerline states it is almost a matter of time before someone gets killed
Michelle Malkin has the word of the day: "unhinged"
First gunshots, now chalk outlines of bodies at Knoxville Bush HQ.

Also Missing

Bush lays the smack-down on Kerry, finally.
“After repeatedly calling Iraq the ‘wrong war,’ and a ‘diversion,’ Senator Kerry this week seemed shocked to learn that Iraq was a dangerous place, full of dangerous weapons. The Senator used to know that, even though he seems to have forgotten it over the course of the campaign, but after all that’s why we’re there. Iraq was a dangerous place run by a dangerous tyrant who had a lot of weapons. We have seized or destroyed more than 400,000 tons of munitions, including explosives, and more than — thousands of different sites, and we’re continuing to round up more weapons everyday.
“I want to remind the American people, if Senator Kerry had his way, we would still be taking our 'global test.' Saddam Hussein would still be in power. He would control all those weapons and explosives and could have shared them with our terrorist enemies.
“Now the Senator is making wild charges about missing explosives when his top foreign policy adviser admits, quote, 'we do not know the facts.' Think about that. The Senator's denigrating the action of our troops and commanders in the field without knowing the facts. Unfortunately, that's part of a pattern of saying almost anything to get elected — like when Senator Kerry charged that our military failed to get Osama bin Laden at Tora Bora, even though our top military commander, General Tommy Franks, said the Senator's understanding of events does not square with reality, and our intelligence reports placed bin Laden in any of several different countries at the time. Our military is now investigating a number of possible scenarios including that the explosives may have been moved before our troops even arrived at the site. This investigation is important and it's ongoing — and a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your Commander in Chief." -
President George W. Bush

Osama Endorses Kerry

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New Kerry/Edwards Ad Planned

XXXXX GOP and the City XXXXX TUE OCT 26, 2004 13:04:28 ET XXXXX KERRY/EDWARDS CAMPAIGN PREPARING CAMPAIGN AD ON USE OF BAT BOY **Exclusive**:30 spot called "Allies?"

JOHN KERRY: "The obligation of a Commander in Chief is to keep our country safe. In Iraq, George Bush has overextended our troops..."
JOHN KERRY: "...and had to rely on the help of Bat Boy to secure Saddam."
JOHN KERRY: "His Iraq misjudgments put our soldiers at risk, and make our country less secure. And all he offers is more Bat Boy. As President, I'll bring a fresh start to protect our troops and our nation. I will put an end to outsourcing our military operations to Bat Boy. I'm John Kerry and I approved this message.

Parody of Drudge

You are so Liberal if... Part 7

It's the final Tuesday before the election, which means this will be the final installment of YSL. This post is dedicated to the people were upset because FTD would not deliver a "get well" basket to Castro. One week to go until my mailbox is free of fundraising letters. This is my first time voting in New York since I moved here two years ago. I will cast my vote for George W. Bush, which will leave us only 5 or so million votes shy of taking New York. Get out there and cast your vote for Bush no matter where you live. Also, make sure to remind your liberal friends that the election was moved to Wednesday so it would not interfere with NBC's Law and Order: SVU.

Next week I will post my favorites from the previous posts. Many thanks to Kerry Haters, STCA, Kitty Litter, Sobek, KdeWeb, Scary Kerry, and others for linking to my previous posts.

If you believe that John Kerry: spent Christmas in Cambodia, has a magic hat, saw a 16-point buck on Cape Cod, crawls on his belly to hunt with a shotgun, released all his medical records, went to the 1986 World Series, had a flying dog, voted for the $87 billion before he voted against it, likes Buckeye football, will cure all diseases, met with foreign leaders, will have the lame walk, does not own an SUV, has a plan, wrote a book about the war on terror, met with the entire security council, has only one position on Iraq, flew an Israeli fighter jet nearly into Egyptian airspace then did a loop, ran the Boston Marathon, was in Vietnam when Martin Luther King was shot, and is truthful to the American might be a liberal.

If your network planned to run a bogus story on the Sunday before the election to influence the results, but refuses to release the findings on an investigation into a bogus story because it might influence the results.

If your candidate is asked if he is trying to scare people, answers "no", then brings up the draft that does not exist and tells old people that Mr. Bush will take away their social security checks, you might be a liberal.

You are a liberal if you questioned why we took out Saddam because he had no weapons of mass destruction, except for the missing 400 tons of some of the most explosive material on the planet, which you blame the troops for losing.

If you believe in freedom of speech ……unless someone comes along and has the audacity to disagree with you in which case you must go to court to silence them, keep them off of radio and TV, suppress the videos, ban the books and, if its Ralph Nader, keep him off the ballot.
(Hat Tip - dLindlar)

You are a liberal if your Global Test includes meetings with the Security Council that did not take place.

If you were closer to Cambodia during the Christmas of 1968, than you were to Bill Buckner during the 1986 World Series in New York, you might be a liberal.

If you try to suppress free speech with a couple of pies, you might be a liberal.

If you are against suppressing people's right to vote, unless they are Republicans in Florida who have the nerve to vote for Bush, you are a liberal.

If you still care what Al Gore has to say...

If you think it is OK for US soldiers to die in support of and under command of the corrupt United Nations but not in defense of the United States of America, liberal.
(Hat Tip - dLindlar)

You are a liberal if you were one of the tens of people who rallied with and Rosie O'Donnell.

If you would be shocked if Bush mentioned Elizabeth Edwards when covering obesity, but have not problem with Kerry and Edwards mentioning Mary Cheney, you might be a liberal.

FINALLY.... If after 4 years of bitching about losing in 2000, millions of dollars spent trashing our president, countless books and movies spreading half-truths and lies, a rock tour dedicated to get your candidate elected, three debates, almost every well known celebrity endorsement, "another Vietnam", the most money ever raised for a political campaign, union thugs, thousands of dead new voters, the old news media spewing the most unabashed liberal bias ever seen, and your candidate is still 5 points behind and heading into the election having to drag out a cardiac patient to shore up the African-American vote. You might be a liberal.

Disclaimer: These entries are a joke. You do not have to be liberal to fall under these entries. Not all liberals subscribe to these ideals. To be fair, a "You're so righty" forum also was created (posts to date: 26). I am not a professional nor do I claim to be, if you turn out to be a liberal, seek immediate, professional help. If you base your political ideals on a song, celebrity's opinion, bumper sticker, TV show, cartoon, movie, or blog entry you are a moron and should move to Boston.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Kerry Cheats on His Global Test

"This president hasn't listened. I went to meet with the members of the Security Council in the week before we voted. I went to New York. I talked to all of them, to find out how serious they were about really holding Saddam Hussein accountable," - John Kerry (during the 2nd debate)

"There was no meeting with John Kerry before Resolution 1441, or at least not in my memory" - Adolfo Aguilar Zinser (Mexican ambassador to the UN)

"our office does not have any record of this meeting" - UN Spokesman

"We were as surprised as anyone when Kerry started talking about a meeting with the Security Council" - an official with the US Mission to the UN.

The Washington Times released a report that proves John Kerry has not been honest on his Global Test and shows Kerry, once again lied to the American people. The senator claimed he met with the entire Security Council in some big pow-wow; now those members of the same Security Council are disputing that claim. Of the five ambassadors on the Security Council in 2002, contacted by The Times, four stated that they had never...that is never, meet with Mr. Kerry. Mexico, Bulgaria, Columbia, and a country that wants to remain anonymous all gave the same account of not meeting with him. The Washington Times did find accounts of Kerry meeting with France, Singapore, and Cameroon during that period. Even the French are not coming to the aid of the Mr. Kerry. Jean-David Levitte, France's chief U.N. representative, stated that Kerry only met with "some" of the Security Council.

With evidence pointing against the bogus claims of the meetings, the Kerry camp fired back stating the senator met with a group of representatives of countries sitting on the Security Council. Which still does not jive with John Kerry's numerous statements that he met with the entire Security Council.

Kerry should look back and remember what his momma told him: "Integrity, integrity, integrity". Mother Kerry knew she had to tell him three times, one for each position she thought he would take on such issues.

Other Links
Freepers reported on this back in August, viva new media.
Kerry Haters broke this story months ago
Hugh Hewitt chimes in has great coverage of council-gate.
PoliPundit posts an interesting quote from the Boston Globe circa December 2003
"Secondly, I spent a lot of time before the vote looking at this issue. I went up to the United Nations at the request of some friends. And I met with the entire Security Council in a room just like this at a table like this. I spent two hours with them. (inaudible), just me and the Security Council, asking them questions" - John Kerry
CNSNews also reports on the story

Friday, October 22, 2004

Castro Takes a Tumble

Moments like this are why Al Gore created the internet.

(Hat Tip - Nate Nichols)

John Kerry Brings Out His Guns

We have seen this shell game before. John Kerry stepping out for a staged photo-op, brandishing a gun for political gain. While this time, Kerry's foray with a gun did not result in a few disputed medals; he still used a prop to further his political future. Back in 'Nam, he staged mock battles and carried an 8mm camera with him to snap images. These movies were to show people (voters) back home that he was some sort of hero. While most men were worried about not coming back while grasping their M-16, Kerry was thinking about how to use the system to get out early, get all the right medals, and a develop a few good stories to further the image of a modern day "Audie Murphy goes to Washington".

It may have worked for Kerry early on in his political career when he was just a liberal from Massachusetts. The powers of the new media with the help of The Swift Vets have exposed his history of lies and deceit. Stolen Honor is the latest and joins the book Unfit For Command, to do the duty the mainstream media was unwilling to take on.

Now in 2004, John Kerry tries to hide his 20-year campaign against our 2nd Amendment Rights, with a mock hunting trip. The Brady campaign gives Kerry a 100% voting record in his assault on guns. The NRA has chimed in and listed Kerry's record online.

Masking the truth might have worked well for John Kerry in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s to further his agenda, but not in 2004. This "October disguise" will only help to expose Kerry as the blatant opportunist he is. On November 3rd, John Kerry will wake up and find he has plenty of time to go duck hunting.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Kerry and His Global Test

If you needed any more reasons not to vote for John Kerry then just click here. Then read the Washington post article linked below. Here is a snapshot:

Kerry's belief in working with allies runs so deep that he has maintained that the loss of American life can be better justified if it occurs in the course of a mission with international support. In 1994, discussing the possibility of U.S. troops being killed in Bosnia, he said, "If you mean dying in the course of the United Nations effort, yes, it is worth that. If you mean dying American troops unilaterally going in with some false presumption that we can affect the outcome, the answer is unequivocally no."
(Washington Post article)

For you lazy college-aged kids out there waiting to be drafted, here is what Kerry said. If US troops die for the UN...good / US troops die fighting for US...bad. This also comes from the same guy who calls our current allies "window dressing" and a "trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought, and the extorted" and called the new Iraqi Prime Minister a liar. On November 2nd, let's make sure that Kerry never gets a chance to turn over our military and national security over to the the UN.

Underground New York

On my ride on the #5 train this morning I had a most unusual experience. I spy this man walking in the subway car; he was dressed in all black and had an Wayne Newton-esq pompadour hair style. In his hands he held a box in a red plastic bag, which he kept in front of his face. The man stopped just in front of me and announces to the whole train that he's an angel sent from heaven above and he is not happy being with us in our world. A bit later he chimes in again stating "I am here to check out all your women, under the age of 19". As an angel, that must be one of the more cushy assignments.

I love New York.

The Empire Strikes Out

There is an old saying that goes something like this: "The sun shines even on a dog's ass, every now-and-then". Good luck Boston, may the curse be with you. Go Cardinals!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Funny Campaign Ad

For a good laugh, check out this ad from The Club For Growth. It was put together by director, David Zucker (Airplane! and Naked Gun). It's key line: "There’s nothing wrong with a little indecision . . . As long as your job doesn’t involve any responsibility.”
Click to view ad.

Boston Paper Endorses Bush

The Boston Herald endorsed President Bush for four more years. In a great article, the paper's editorial staff stands by President George W. Bush over Boston's own John Kerry.

" ...the Boston Herald proudly endorses George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for re-election.
And while we are in the unusual position of doing so in the face of the candidacy of a native son, our choice was not a close call.
Certainly, both John Kerry
and George Bush love this country. Both are men of good will, deep faith and vast intellect. But only one would never sacrifice principle for political advantage. One of these men says he craves the respect of the world. The other by his words and deeds commands it...

John Kerry, who has served this state well in the U.S. Senate is in his bid for the presidency simply the wrong man, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
President Bush is the right one..."

GOP and the City stands by it's endorsement for Bush, as seen on Hugh Hewitt's site.

Teresa Opens Her Mouth

Q: You'd be different from Laura Bush?
Teresa Heinz-Kerry: Well, you know, I don't know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and she has a sparkle in her eye, which is good. But I don't know that she's ever had a real job — I mean, since she's been grown up. So her experience and her validation comes from important things, but different things. And I'm older, and my validation of what I do and what I believe and my experience is a little bit bigger — because I'm older, and I've had different experiences. And it's not a criticism of her. It's just, you know, what life is about.
(USA Today)

Laura Bush Biography

Laura Bush earned a bachelor's degree in education at Southern Methodist University, then went to University of Texas at Austin for a master's degree in library science. After that she taught in public schools in Dallas, Houston, and Austin from 1968 to 1977.

Democrat Crack The Vote Update

Please note: Someone on Craigslist/Atlanta posted a link to my site. I do not share the same views and have no idea why they linked my site.
I have contacted both the poster and Craigslist to have the link removed.

Previous Post

Let's recap the story. Democrat-leaning NAACP National Voter Fund director, Thaddeus Jackson pays Georgianne Pitts to register voters. Pitts gives crack cocaine a young man named Chad Staton to register voters. Staton registers 100+ fake voters such as: Michael Jordan, Mary Poppins, Jeffrey Dahmer, Janet Jackson, and Dick Tracy to name a few. Police raided the Pitt's home and found voter forms and drug paraphernalia.

Well a reader at Kerry Haters found out some more information about the man behind all this, Thaddeus Jackson. KH reader, Dan T., searched online for news articles from The Plain Dealer on Thaddeus and he found story after story of fraud by Mr. Jackson:
-- Stokes-backed candidate, Thaddeus Jackson, wins vote board seat Plain Dealer 08 Feb, 1987, pg. 12 sec. B
-- 42 at vote board laid off; some cry cronyism Plain Dealer 16 Jul, 1988, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Cuy Cty Bd of Elections' hiring of Johnnie Jackson, brother of board member, questioned Plain Dealer 08 Feb, 1991, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Election board members' kin 'rehired' Plain Dealer 22 Mar, 1991, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Thaddeus Jackson is named chairman of the Cuy Cty Bd of Elections Plain Dealer 25 Jun, 1991, pg. 02 sec. B
-- Thaddeus Jackson re-elected to four-year term on the Cuy Cty Board of Elections Plain Dealer 12 Jan, 1992, pg. 10 sec. B
-- Cuy Cty Bd of Elections Chairman Thaddeus Jackson, after botched primary, limits talk to media Plain Dealer 01 Sep, 1992, pg. 03 sec. B
-- State finds Cuy Cty Elections Bd chaos; Chrmn Thaddeus Jackson accused of nepotism Plain Dealer 22 Sep, 1992, pg. 01 sec. A
-- Reappearance of 77 ballots from June primary reverses Ward 10, Precinct P election results Plain Dealer 23 Sep, 1992, pg. 01 sec. A
-- Cuy Cty Elections Bd Chairman Thaddeus Jackson denies wrongdoing Plain Dealer 25 Sep, 1992, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Campaign '92: Beryl Rothschild claims opponent Louis Stokes got illegal $8,000 from TJ Jackson Plain Dealer 01 Oct, 1992, pg. 02 sec. B
-- Cuy Cty Bd of Elections Chrmn Thaddeus Jackson should be ousted, investigator for Taft says Plain Dealer 11 Nov, 1992, pg. 01 sec. A
-- Attacks on Cuy Cty Bd of Elections Chrmn Thaddeus Jackson racial, activist leader says Plain Dealer 22 Nov, 1992, pg. 04 sec. B
-- Thaddeus Jackson, chairman of the Cuy Cty Bd of Elections, quits before hearing on charges Plain Dealer 24 Nov, 1992, pg. 01 sec. A
-- Thaddeus Jackson admits taking $2,400 payment from voter-registration group Plain Dealer 19 Dec, 1992, pg. 01 sec. A
-- Roger M Synenberg gave election board computer rigging order, patrol reports Plain Dealer 08 Jan, 1993, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Thaddeus Jackson, ex-chrmn of the Cuy Cty Bd of Elections, gets year's probation in fund probe Plain Dealer 20 Jan, 1993, pg. 01 sec. B
-- Despite conviction, Thaddeus Jackson makes bid for Cle clerk of courts Plain Dealer 20 Aug, 1993, pg. 08 sec. C
-- Thaddeus Jackson's residency is questioned for Cle clerk of court race Plain Dealer 27 Aug, 1993, pg. 05 sec. B
-- Cuy Cty Bd of Elections removes Thaddeus Jackson from court race Plain Dealer 15 Sep, 1993, pg. 01 sec. D
-- Judge refuses to put Thaddeus Jackson in clerk race Plain Dealer 29 Sep, 1993, pg. 04 sec. C
-- Democrats Eric D Fingerhut, Thaddeus J Jackson, Sonya A Russell-Ogletree and Georgine Coso Welo seek to replace Sen Judy Sheerer in the 25th Ohio Senate District Plain Dealer 13 Apr, 1998, pg. 4 sec. B
(Hat Tip - Kerry Haters)

Yanks in Seven?

I predicted Yanks in six and it looks like they are waiting until game 7 to dash the feeble October hopes for the Red Sox. It was more satisfying to watch the Red Sox Nation get their hopes up before the Yankees drop them to the trash heap of baseball lore. If A-rod can keep his hands to himself in game 7, the Yankees with head to the World Series.

My prediction for Game 7
Yankees 5
Boston 3

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ashley's Story

According to The Kerry Spot, a Republican 527 has put in $14 million to air a touching ad about a chance meeting between President Bush and Ashley Faulkner, who lost her mother on 9/11. Below is a post I had written on the event on another website.
Click Here for the ad.

(posted on mightyrighty on May 6, 2004)
There are certain moments, caught on tape, that define a generation. Take the picture of the Marines raising the flag over Iwo Jima. In the book, Flags of Our Fathers, James Bradley wrote that the cameraman didn't know he took that famous picture until a few days later when someone who was developing his pictures came across that shot.

Flash to 2004, a small town in Ohio, just another stop on a long campaign trip. George W. Bush is shaking hands, kissing babies, etc... when he passes a young girl (Ashley Faulkner), her father, and a friend. "This girl lost her mom in the World Trade Center on 9-11." stated her friend. Bush stopped, asked her "'How are you doing?" and pulled her to his chest in a warm embrace. Her father snapped a quick photo. The photo shows the leader of the free world, caught in a very touching moment. Ashley stated "Here is the most powerful guy in the world, and he wants to make sure I'm safe. I definitely had a couple of tears in my eyes, which is pretty unusual for me."

This was not a staged photo-op with many camera angles, the right light, and a staged tear. This is the real deal. An inside look at the man who will lead us for another 4 years, a man with principle. Now the press will most likely pass this one over, just because the man in the picture is Bush. It's a shame, because of all the negative news coming out, this is something touching. Something worth reporting.

The Cincinnati Enquirer had a touching story on the meeting
USA Today reviews the ad
The ad is now the most expensive TV ad buy for the 2004 campaign

You are so Liberal if... Part 6

Beware, Bush's "January Surprise" is coming, but a bigger "October Surprise" would be John Kerry telling the truth and not spreading Internet legends. Don't be surprised if John Kerry warns people from accepting drinks from George Bush, because you could end up in a bathtub filled with ice with one of your kidneys removed. According to John Kerry, in January we'll see a draft, no social security, and the boogieman will come out from under your bed to eat you. While these might not be true, a few things you can count on are we have more polls than a strip club, more lesbian talk than a Howard Stern show, and it's Tuesday. That means it is also time for You are so liberal, part 6.

Tune in next Tuesday for the seventh and possibly final installment, feel free to email me additions or enter them in the comments.

If your party's crack voter registration drive does indeed involve crack, you might be a liberal.

You are a liberal if it takes more time to do your Vice Presidential candidate's hair, than it does to explain John Kerry's stances on Iraq.

If you liked the style of Howard Dean, the energy of Edwards, the wit of Sharpton, but ended up with John Kerry, you are a liberal.

You are a liberal if you called your lawyer to see who to sue for a flu shot

If you hope stem cells will cure Athlete's Foot, the flu, and the curse of the Bambino, you might be a liberal.

If you run as a devote Catholic, as you are about to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church, you might be a liberal.

You are a liberal if you blame Republicans for suppressing your right to vote more than once.

If you are against pre-emptive strikes to save our freedom, but for pre-emptive strikes which harm our democracy.

If Matt Drudge proofreads your party's election manual, or if your party puts out directions on how to steal an election, you are probably a liberal.

If you think voting for Bush is like running in the Special Olympics, you might be a liberal.

You are a liberal if you see nothing wrong with the fact you have to show a picture id at Blockbuster, but not to vote for president.

If your post-season dreams are riding on the shoulders of Eddie Yost and Manny Ortiz, you might be a liberal.

If you have Bill O'Reilly on speed-dial, you might be a liberal.

You are a liberal if you claimed Bush's Saudi friends were going to lower gas prices to get him elected before you claimed that Bush is raising gas prices as for his Saudi friends.

You are a liberal if you still care what Al Gore has to say.

You can find some of these and many more in the forums at Mighty Righty.

Disclaimer: These entries are a joke. You do not have to be liberal to fall under these entries. Not all liberals subscribe to these ideals. To be fair, a "You're so righty" forum also was created (posts to date: 26). I am not a professional nor do I claim to be, if you turn out to be a liberal, seek immediate, professional help. If you base your political ideals on a song, celebrity's opinion, bumper sticker, TV show, cartoon, movie, or blog entry you are a moron and should move to Boston (where you can watch the Red Sox lose game 6 at a local bar).

Monday, October 18, 2004

ACLU Fights for Bush/Cheney Couple

Weird News
The Beacon Journal reports from Hudson, Ohio where the ACLU is fighting for a Republican couple who just want to display a large Bush/Cheney sign. Summit County GOP Chairman Alex Arshinkoff and his wife Karen have been fined $75 a day since October 1st for refusing to take down the sign, which violates a Hudson city ordinance. The city rules state signs can only be 8 square feet, the disputed sign is 32 square feet. The ACLU is sending a representative and statI appreciate the fact that we routinely represent people who revile the ACLU because they don't understand. They don't get it.... Our issue is the Bill of Rights. The people who hate us, or seem to hate us, turn to us when they need the fine is a violation of the couple's First Admendment rights.

Arshinkoff also noted "They're very liberal. I only agree with them 5 percent of the time, but any port in a storm when you're in trouble". The ACLU representative, Jeffrey Gamso, responded by saying "I appreciate the fact that we routinely represent people who revile the ACLU because they don't understand. They don't get it.... Our issue is the Bill of Rights. The people who hate us, or seem to hate us, turn to us when they need help.''

This reminds me of the classic Onion story:
ACLU Defends Neo-Nazi Group's Right to Burn Down Its Headquarters

Drudge Cracks Another Story

Drudge Headline

Thaddeus J. Jackson donates both money and crackheads to the Democratic party. As Assistant NVF Ohio Director of the NAACP National Voter Fund, Mr. Jackson was in charge of the local voter registration efforts. One of the people he paid to get registrations, Georgianne Pitts, in turn gave crack to a 22-year-old crackhead named Chad Staton, for completed registrations. Staton filled out over 100 false registrations before being arrested. Police raided Ms. Pitts home and uncovered drug paraphernalia and more voter registrations.

Thaddeus is no stranger to vote fraud, also been under investigation for alleged voter fraud, by The Cuyahoga County election board. Mr. Jackson turned in 17 voter registration cards with almost identical signatures earlier this year. In an interview, Jackson noted (about the voter registration effort): "It's not just a canvassing effort; this is a new kind of effort that's going to affect the whole nation, It's going to be fireworks. It's going to be explosive."
(Globe and Mail, February 9, 2004)

Mr. Jackson was also a 2000 DNC delegate, as well as the 11th Congressional District coordinator for the NAACP's National Voter Fund.
(Hat Tip - Kerry Haters)

Update: Teresa Heinz-Kerry's Tides Foundation donates money to the NAACP NVF as well as ACORN.
(Hat Tip - Kitty Litter)

Here is the young man who was given crack cocaine to fill out fake registrations.

More links:
Defiance County Sheriff's report
The Plain Dealer notes the story, no pun intended
AP reports
Newsmax offers a non-partisan view
Toledo Blade reports 124 false registrations for crack
The Washington Times gets into the action
Blogs For Bush calls this "Crack the Vote"
CNN posts story
Rush Limbaugh gives his two cents

Sometimes a picture says it all.
(Hat Tip - LGF)

New Yorkers: There are Republicans amongst you

Read this article. It is by a Republican living in New York. It was refreshing to find out there are more out there.

Read one of my first posts, "The Story", which details my use of a story to mask my Republican ideals.

ABC Political Sex Poll

An ABC poll reports that Republicans have better, more fulfilling sex lives. Democrats were also more likely to fake orgasms. Bill Clinton had no comment.

In a related poll, 80% of people say that we have now been polled on just about everything.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Top 10 Pre-emptive Actions Planned by DNC

Now that the Democrats have shown their election playbook. GOP and the City takes a look at the top 10 planned actions for 2004.

10. Lobby to let the French vote count

9. Run busses from Betty Ford Clinic to polls for celebrity voters
8. Vote often
7. Make sure Florida voters are not as dumb this time around
6. Get Dan Rather ready to call Florida for Kerry, on Nov. 1st
5. Hide Teresa
4. Dig-up Christopher Reeve to use as campaign tool

3. Intercept/throw out military vote, again
2. Suppress white guy vote

and the #1 Pre-emptive action planned by the Democratic National Committee
1. Kill Matt Drudge

Like I Said, Bush Won Debate 3

Like I mentioned in a previous post, Bush won debate 3. Now, enjoy some Zogby polling data to back that claim up. See that red you can see, it rises following the last debate. The blue one is Kerry and expect to see more of that same downward trend as November 2nd nears.
I still stand by my claim that the election is over, and has been for some time. If the race was all that close, would the Democrats be so willing to start lobbing urban legends, personal insults, and making such false claims? Well, they would probably still do all that, but not to the extent they are now. It is like watching someone drown, grasping at anything they can get their hands on to save their own ass. It is actually pretty sad and pathetic. The last time I heard so much about lesbians, I was back at my fraternity house.

Check out GOP and College for another look into the lack of media attention given to other documents.

No Game Tonight

Rain has postponed the inevitable. Boston will have it's cursed World Series hopes put off for another day. In the meantime, enjoy this photo.

I find this photo one of the most moving sports image I've ever seen. It captures the intense concentration on the faces of these three men as 59,000 people get ready to leave their seats and cheer a John Olerud homerun. I saw it in the New York Post and just stared at it, I guess Boston fans do not felt the same nostalgia about these memorable postseason Yankee homeruns.

My Endorsement

Please note: This was written at 1:45am after watching Jerry Maguire. So it is more of a mission statement than anything else. Please excuse the poor use of English, a fitting tribute to an endorsement for president George W. Bush.

Following Crush Kerry's stellar endorsement for President Bush, I would like to also make an announcement. GOP and the City is endorsing President George W. Bush to lead our great nation for another four years.

Why? Because I'm a New Yorker and terrorism is a key concern for me. If it's not the most important issue this years election, I don’t know what is. Where I may not agree 100% with all of President Bush's policies, I do agree 110% that he would do a better job in defending New York and our great country from the same Islamic terrorists who have caused so much pain and suffering. By spreading the seeds of freedom in the garden of evil, we are ensuring that a new generation will never have to endure another 9/11. Where freedom grows, terrorism dies.

Not too long ago, another generation had to make some tough choices. An unpopular war, divided electorate, hard decisions, and tough economic times made the election an pivotal point in history. But, thank God the people of America re-elected the Republican Abe Lincoln in 1864.

In a recent interview a New York newspaper asked a voter who they supported. He replied "Bush. You may not agree with him, but at least you know what you are getting. With Kerry I have no idea what we would get". In this time of global challenges, we cannot afford to have a leader who has admitted that his first action as president would be to crawl back to the UN and take a global test. Kerry will try to make America popular with the same crowd who sold us out in the first place. Shall we forget that France was doing business with Saddam behind our backs and ensured that the men, women, and children of Iraq would continue to fill his mass graves uninterrupted by sanctions by Kerry's vaunted UN.

America has never tried to win a popularity contest, nor should it sink that low. If being accepted and liked is all we cared about, would we have spent the time and money needed to bring down the Evil Empire that was the Soviet Union? We would not have tried to keep a small country in Southeast Asia from the oppression of Communism. Nor would we have prevented the rape of Korea by the Communist in the 1950s. Our rebuilding of Japan and Germany after World War II was not all that popular at times. If we wanted Europe to like us, we would have not retaliated against Spain in the Spanish-American War. We would have not pursued the Barbary Pirates, put down The Boxer Rebellion, or protected Latin America from European dictators in defense of The Monroe Doctrine. In fact, from the start of our little republic, trying to pass a global test would have kept a group of patriots from facing off against the mighty British army at Bunker Hill, dumping tea into Boston Harbor, or even meeting to lay the foundation of the constitution which is the envy of the entire world. Nothing in our history was accomplished because we wanted to look swell in the eyes of the global body.

Whether you would like to admit it or not, our nation has weathered one of the most critical periods of its young life. With George W. Bush at our helm, the nation we hold dear has survived and rebounded like noone thought possible, once again we are leading the armies of freedom to make the world a safer place to live. Because of that, he has my vote.

Return to GOP and the City

Update: Welcome Hugh Hewitt readers!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Boston: Who's Your Daddy?

Game 1
Yankees - 10
Boston - 7

Game 2
Yankees - 3
Boston - 1

Game 3 @ Boston - Friday
Rained Out
To be played Monday @ 5pm
Yankees - 4
Boston - 5 (14 innings)

Game 4 @ Boston - Saturday
Yankees - 19
Boston - 8

Game 5 @ Boston - Sunday
Yankees - 4
Boston - 6

Game 6 @ New York - Tuesday 8pm

Game 7 @ New York - Wednesday

My prediction - Yankees win series in 6 games

Round 3 - Bush Win

After watching last night's debate, which had Bush as the clear winner, I could not help myself but to watch the spin machine one more time. Are the media insane? Do they really think that John Kerry did well last night? They keep citing these internet polls that had Kerry winning 71% to Bush's 29%. That is an improvement for Bush/Cheney after John Edwards' 99% - 1% win over Cheney, if you want to look at these polls. He was supposed to clear the floor on the domestic agenda, instead he made a great showing on why we need to re-elect George W. Bush. Bush was firm, and made sense, where Kerry looked like an auctioneer throwing out numbers left and right. A wise man once told me he could not vote for Kerry because he does not believe a word he says. I happen to agree.

After Edwards claim that they could cure all ailments and last night's number scam, Senators Kerry and Edwards should go back and dust off their chairs in Washington. Maybe they can invite Cheney's lesbian daughter and Michael J. Fox to sit with them, since they are using both in a failed attempt at the White House. Maybe they can get a good seat to watch Bush’s inauguration.

Also, what is with these stupid tracking graphs the media is rolling out? I don't care what Bob liked when Bush was talking about taxes and I don't need a bar graph to help me make up my mind.

Fox news claims a Bush victory.
Cartoon Nazi also calls Bush the victor, calls 40 states for W.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Kerry's Devine Plan

Update: Read this Charles Krauthammer editorial in the Washington Post. (Subscription required).
"In my 25 years in Washington, I have never seen a more loathsome display of demagoguery. Hope is good. False hope is bad. Deliberately, for personal gain, raising false hope in the catastrophically afflicted is despicable.....There is no apologizing for Edwards's remark. It is too revealing. There is absolutely nothing the man will not say to get elected. "

From Communists for Kerry

Kerry/Edwards Office Distributes Flyer Mocking Retarded People/Bush

Update: A family member sent an email to Mr. Fitzhugh's office:

Original email to Rep. Fitzhugh:
Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2004 1:57 PM
To: Craig Fitzhugh
How can you sleep at night after distributing such a flyer? You are a despicable human being. As the aunt of two special need children, I find your gutter politics to be offensive and disgusting.

Reply from Rep. Fitzhugh's office:
From: Craig Fitzhugh []
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2004 11:51 AM
Thank you for your email. Rep. Fitzhugh has stated in several articles, "It is totally, unequivocally, completely a lie. I am completely disgusted by the accusation, by the distribution, by everything about it."

10/14 - My Prediction: Expect a "flyer" to be planted/found at a GOP headquarters, which will in turn be covered by the media. This flyer will be racist and outrage will follow, Democrats will ask Bush to apologize for the offending flyer. During the 2000 election a group claimed that republicans posted flyers in minority populated areas that encourage people to vote....two days after the election. I would expect no less.

Update: Special Olympics responds:
"We at Special Olympics are astounded and appalled by a political flier being distributed in Tennessee, showing the head of President Bush superimposed on the body of a Special Olympics athlete, with the statement, "Even if you win, you're still retarded."
We see this communication as an egregious, gratuitous insult to our almost 1.4 million athletes in over 150 countries around the world and a stunning affront to the 170 million people in the world who have intellectual disabilities.
We cringe at the thought that any one of these capable and courageous athletes would ever have to endure the agony, embarrassment, pain and suffering that this flier would certainly cause..."

Update: Hobbs reports that the Tennessee Democrats are claiming this was a Republican dirty trick, even evoking Nixon in doing so. Would you expect any less? Also, the AP is putting together a story on this.

Democrat Craig Fitzhugh is running for office in Tennessee's District 82. His Republican opponent, Dave Dahl, reports that these flyers are being distributed at the Kerry/Edwards campaign headquarters in Ripley; the office also is used as Fitzhugh's campaign office.

Mr. Dahl responded to the flyer “At first, I really did not believe that Fitzhugh and the Democrats would stoop to such gutter politics, but then people started bringing the flyer to me at the end of last week. I was shocked and disgusted.” He has also passed the flyer on to United States Special Olympics Committee, the Special Olympics International Group, and various state and national advocacy groups for special needs children and adults. They might not find it as funny as the Tennessee Democrats.

Craig Fitzhugh
District Address
135 South Alpine Street
Ripley, TN 38063
Phone (731) 772-8978
Nashville Address
33 Legislative Plaza
Nashville, TN 37243-0182
Phone (615) 741-2134
Fax (615) 741-7041
Staff Contact: Eunice Golden
Click Here to e-mail Craig Fitzhugh about his flyer
Donate to help elect Dave Dahl
Michelle Malkin gets into the fray, states that Fox News is on the ground in Ripley
The National Review questions Fitzhugh's manhood
Bill Hobbs roasts Fitzhugh and the Dems. He posts an open letter to Fitzhugh
Right on Red also has a flyer post
South End Grounds lists organizations to contact and recalls Fitzhugh mocking Dahl's adopted daughter in a previous election
Say Anything is on the prowl for answers
Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal posts a blurb on the flyer
Drudge has posted it, activated conservative blog power
Hold The Mayo asks an important question. The answer is "probably not yet".
WMC in Memphis runs story
The Jackson Sun publishes an article.
The Tennessean, Tennessee's largest paper wakes up and prints an article.

Dancing Machine

I am trying to come up with the perfect caption for this photo. So far I have:

-John Kerry shows off the new dance craze: "The Electric Slide Around The Issues"
-"How do you like those 32 inch bicepts?"
-Metro...Metro....Metro-sexual man....I want to be a...
-"he learned that step in nam. right foot in front of left and run like hell..."
(Hat Tip - vnvet)
-Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

Kerry: Dishonorable Discharge?

The New York Sun looks into the mystery surrounding Kerry's military secrets. Kerry has not released all of his military records, which could help shine some light on the subject. Instead, reporters are digging through Navy records and what they are finding could be another blow to the disputed military service of Mr. Kerry.

Click Here for the article and post your comments below.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud in the video

You are so Liberal if... Part 5

Behold, the 5th installment of the You Are So Liberal newsletter, YASL if you must. Election day is only a few weeks away and if you made the news for urinating on a Bush sign, you still need to read these posts. But, if you fracture your wrist trying to hold back union thugs from ransacking party headquarters, you are fine by me. You need this post if you've registered your dead great-grandmother to vote this year. But, if your twin sister failed to register in the battleground state of New Jersey...sorry sis, I had to. John Kerry may have stated "no new taxes", Bush is hawking wood, and your Bush/Cheney yard sign is probably not where you placed it; there is one thing you can count on, You are so liberal Tuesday.

Tune in next Tuesday for the sixth installment, feel free to email me additions or enter them in the comments.

A little liberal Haiku for you:
Libs up to no good
Voters will re-elect Bush
Do you want some wood

If you are upset with a teacher in New Jersey for displaying a picture of the president on her wall, but have no problem with the teacher who forced a class to watch Fahrenheit 9/11, you might be a liberal.

If you registered to vote....35 times, You might be a liberal.

You're so liberal if you are selling t-shirts on Ebay that read, "I supported Saddam Hussein against America, and all I got was an oil voucher and this lousy t-shirt".

If expressing your political ideals involves gunshots, urination, or intimidation, you might be a liberal.

You are a liberal if you equate terrorism with hos and bookies.

If you still think John Edwards "held his own" during the VP debates, you are a liberal in utter denial.

If you tried to buy wood from George W. Bush, you might be a liberal.

If your candidate is still pandering to secure the black vote, with only a couple of weeks before the election, you might be in trouble.

You might be a liberal if you insist on passing the Galactic Test before committing any unilateral action, including eating crackers in bed, singing in the shower or taking a wiz.
(Hat Tip - Scarey Kerry)

If you have to send your running mate to a New Jersey (which Gore won by 16 points), twice in two weeks, you might be a liberal.

You're so liberal if you feel bad for Kerry and his "war wounds". Just because you realize how much those shrapnel wounds to the buttocks will hurt after the election results come in.

You might be a liberal if you can decry the lack of adequate health care for everyone after you have made your fortune on frivolous medical personal injury class action lawsuits that put even good doctors out of business.
(Hat Tip - Scarey Kerry)

If you believe the 2nd Amendment is about hunting, you are a liberal.
(Hat Tip - AmericanMade1776)

If you think guns are only for the protection of liberals, then you might be a liberal.

If you believe that businesses create oppression and but governments create prosperity... you might be a liberal.
(Hat Tip - kinsman redeemer)

You can find some of these and many more in the forums at Mighty Righty.

Disclaimer: These entries are a joke. You do not have to be liberal to fall under these entries. Not all liberals subscribe to these ideals. To be fair, a "You're so righty" forum also was created (posts to date: 26). I am not a professional nor do I claim to be, if you turn out to be a liberal, seek immediate, professional help. If you base your political ideals on a song, celebrity's opinion, bumper sticker, TV show, cartoon, movie, or blog entry you are a moron and should move to Boston.

Supercampaign prop

Exerpt taken from St. Petersburg Times:

He suffered cardiac arrest on Saturday, fell into a coma and died the next day, surrounded by his family....Kerry said the actor left him a long voicemail on Saturday thanking him for campaigning in support of curing conditions such as his.

Do we know the details of the final hours of Christopher Reeve's life yet? John Kerry has Reeve leaving long voicemails, he then goes into a cardiac arrest and coma. I find the timing fishy, but I have no facts to back up my claim. Is it possible that Kerry had another Christmas in Cambodia, hatman, Boston Marathon, 16-point buck, VC-dog story? Now I miss Superman like everyone else. I am not trying to smear Superman. Maybe you can blame me for just trying to start new rumor like Bush's Wire and Kerry's Cheat Sheet.

But, I do see Kerry/Edwards using Superman's death as a political tool, which would be disingenuous at best (see Wellstone funeral).

Update: That did not take long. "When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again" - John Edwards

Monday, October 11, 2004

Kerry's Intergalactic War on Terror

"But I can do a better job of protecting America's security because the test that I was talking about was a test of legitimacy, not just in the globe, but elsewhere" - John Kerry


Catholics Against Kerry

Click Here to read about a silent protest, in St. Louis, by a group led by a Roman Catholic priest against the Kerry/Edwards stand on abortion. While leading the silent protest, supporters for Kerry called them "pedophile hookers".

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pimps, Gamblers, and Al Qaeda

"We have to get back to the place where we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they're a nuisance. As a former law-enforcement person, I know we're never going to end prostitution. We're never going to end illegal gambling. But we're going to reduce it, organized crime, to a level where it isn't on the rise." - John Kerry

Once again, John Kerry has given us a look at the type of person who we cannot afford to have lead us in the post 9/11 world. He wants to treat terrorists as a law-enforcement matter and wants to ignore the killers as are just a "nuisance". Kerry basically says we will never beat the terrorists, so we should go back to living as if it is September 10th all over again. Former President Clinton had exactly the same plan on dealing with terrorism and it worked out poorly for all of us. Ask the victims of the attacks of the Trade Center bombing, the USS Cole, the Kobar Towers, the two embassies in Africa, and other attacks, ask them if denial worked well for them. We have been down that road once before, Senator, and did not like the outcome.

President Bush does not share the same view. Bush wants to spread freedom and liberty into the source of the terrorism. As Afghanistan is proving and Iraq will show, freedom trumps terrorism. When this is all complete, we will be truly safe, not in denial.

John Kerry on Democracy. ''You can't impose it on people,'' he said. ''You have to bring them to it. You have to invite them to it. You have to nurture the process.''

The whole point of liberating people is to give them a shot at democracy. I do not seem to recall the Taliban or Saddam giving the people an invitation to nurture the process in their oppressive reigns. In fact, any attempt of the people to have a voice ended up with more beheadings, torture, gassings, and mass graves. The people of Afghanistan tasted democracy for the first time this weekend and they danced in the streets. Democracy happens, John.

Check out the whole interview at The National Review.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Kerry's Coalition of the Bribed

"trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought, and the extorted." - John Kerry

When Mr. Kerry slandered our allies with that insult, little did he know that a report would come out and shed more light onto the extensive corruption that has tarnished his beloved UN.

The Duelfer Report now exposes the very friends of Kerry: (France, China, Russia) that Saddam used to the tune of over $12 billion dollars. While President Bush was working to enforce the UN sanctions, these countries stabbed us in the back. Along with the bribes, France was in the process of shipping banned weapons to Iraq just three weeks before the war started. With friends like these, Saddam could have thumbed his nose at the UN until the sanctions were removed. He would then restart his weapons programs and continue his quest for regional dominance and terrorism. John Kerry wants to outsource our national security to these countries?

"By 2000-2001, Saddam had managed to mitigate many of the effects of sanctions and undermine their international support, Iraq was within striking distance of a de facto end to the sanctions regime." states the Duelfer Report. At tonight's debate, let's see if John Kerry brings up his claim that sanctions were working and should have been left in place.

Update: The BBC reports the Deulfer Report shows that the Saddam threat greater than feared.

Tennessee Politics

One of the things that make Nashville great are the free-speaking radio personalities they have on the air. I used to start my day with talker Steve Gill and on the way home I tuned in to Phil Valentine. It's Friday, hey Johnny who's dancing in the booth? Both were unabashed conservatives, both led the troops in the successful Income Tax Revolt in Tennessee. On payday (next Friday - 10/15), I will post my story on how the people of Tennessee rose up against big government and won their fight against an unfair income tax, put forward by the former Republican governor and a liberal state house.

My brother, a college student, went to see Steve Gill speak Tennessee Tech. Check out his review of the speech and his interview with Mr. Gill over at his blog, GOP and College.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

It's Bowl Season

RUTGERS (2-2) at VANDERBILT (1-3) • SAT., OCT. 9 • VANDERBILT STADIUM • 8:00 PM FSNY (tape delay)

Possibly the worst teams in the NCAA will face off this Saturday. Growing up outside of Nashville (home of Vanderbilt) and at the same time following Rutgers pathetic attempts at fielding a competitive football team. I hoped one day these two teams would face each other. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Toilet Bowl.

This brings to mind another football disaster. In October of 1916, Nashville's Cumberland University sent its football team to Atlanta in a matchup with Georgia Tech. When the game was over, Georgia Tech had won 222-0. Check out the play-by-play here. A great line came from this game. Late in the game there was one of many fumbles. It rolled toward B. F. "Bird' Paty. The fumbler shouted, "Pick it up!" Paty replied, "Pick it up yourself, you dropped it."

Bush Strikes Back

Taken from Bush's speech (October 6, 2004)

America is always more secure when freedom is on the march. And freedom is on the march -- in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and elsewhere. There will be good days and there will be bad days in the war on terror. But every day we will show our resolve and do our duty to future generations of Americans. This nation is determined. We will stay in the fight until the fight is won.
My opponent agrees with all this -- except when he doesn't.
(Hat tip - Cartoon Nazi)

Update: The guys at Crush Kerry have some inside information on the upcoming "Shock and Awe" campaign from the GOP.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Kerry Haters Contest!

This is a joke and part of a contest over at Kerry Haters.
Click Here for more details

-Excerpt taken from the October 2004 Cowgirl Monthly magazine.

CGM: Could you tell our readers about your background with horses and more specifically your time as a cowgirl?
Kerry: Yes, I was once a cowgirl - wild and free. Back in the day, I did my share of sheep-roping and cattle-branding, I was all about that. To tell the truth, you know why you do not see more cowgirls today? It is a sad story but to tell the truth, the Bush administration and their failed economic agenda have forced these young girls into a second or third job. They have no time to herd cattle. While Theresa and I get a grandiose tax-cut...a single cowgirl and mother of three, who I met in Delaware gets nothing at all. That is not right, just not what I believe, and we need a fresh start. That is what I am talking about. Have I mentioned Vietnam yet?
CGM: No Senator, but let me...
Kerry: As I was saying. When I was in Vietnam, serving my country. We had a pet horse we called Du-Dit. Du-Dit was a gift from a Navy SEAL who we took into Cambodia. One day we were going down the river and a prodigious VC attack forced me to mount Du-Dit and lead a solo cavalry charge, up a hill, under heavy gunfire, at night, and uhhh while it was raining, and the wind was blowing. To tell the truth, I did most of the work, you know where I am coming from. Well we won and I killed more VC than I care to count.
CGM: What happened to Du-Dit?
Kerry: During my cavalry charge, Du-Dit scrapped a hoof on a rock. Well I put in for a purple heart for Du-Dit. Well see, the Navy does not handle purple hearts the same way that they did my three purple-hearts, which I won in Vietnam along with a SilverStar and a Bronze Star. To tell the truth, Du-Dit was put to sleep. Actually when I went before Congress and said 'how can you ask someone to be the last to die for a mistake', I was referring to Du-Dit. See, it was a mistake to deny a purple heart for that horse.
CGM: Thank you Senator and God bless Du-Dit.

Dick Rocks

#1 sign that Bush-Cheney took last night's debate: CBS calls it for Edwards.

Did anyone else notice that Edwards ripped his paper while Cheney was speaking? I counted four times when Cheney was speaking, Edwards was ripping paper out of his notepad. It was very audible on C-Span.

Edwards would have served himself better last night if he had just stood on stage and took a big dump. In the end, he was slapped around like a redheaded stepchild. For the entire debate, Cheney provided a clear choice this year, while Edwards seemed lost while taking his talking points from Michael Moore. You can choose between a strong leader who stands up for America, or a couple of no-show Senators who have more positions than a dirty deck of cards.

My favorite moment of the debate: When Edwards thought he had a KO by pointing out their number that have 90% of coalition casualties as American. Edwards was so snooty and had a smirk on his face. Cheney backhanded him with the facts and Edwards was left to just shake his pretty, little head. Here's how it went down.
Silky Pony (Edwards): ...Not only that, 90 percent of the coalition casualties, Mr. Vice President, the coalition casualties, are American casualties..
CHENEY: Classic example. He won't count the sacrifice and the contribution of Iraqi allies. It's their country. They're in the fight. They're increasingly the ones out there putting their necks on the line to take back their country from the terrorists and the old regime elements that are still left. They're doing a superb job. And for you to demean their sacrifices strikes me as... EDWARDS: Oh, I'm not...
CHENEY: ... as beyond...
EDWARDS: I'm not demeaning...
CHENEY: It is indeed. You suggested...
EDWARDS: No, sir, I did not...
CHENEY: ... somehow they shouldn't count, because you want to be able to say that the Americans are taking 90 percent of the sacrifice. You cannot succeed in this effort if you're not willing to recognize the enormous contribution the Iraqis are increasingly making to their own future. We'll win when they take on responsibility for governance, which they're doing, and when the take on responsibility for their own security, which they increasingly are doing.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Kerry and The Titanic Swim Team

From The Washington Times

'I thought you were on the swim team. You faked me out there.' - John Kerry

Some young Kerry supporter met up with the senator at a campaign stop in Ohio. The young man had on his "Titanic Swim Team" shirt. Kerry asked him what event he swam. Senator, The Titanic was a big ship, it hit an iceberg, and sunk, they made a movie about it a few years back, look into it. The kid then mentioned that he actually ran track. So Kerry then accuses the guy of stealing the shirt jokingly (I hope) 'So you stole the shirt?'

I cannot wait for November to get here, so Kerry can go back to not showing to the Senate and quit wasting our time.

You are so Liberal if... Part 4

Ladies and Gentlemen, the NHL might not have a season, grannies are attacking Bush supporters, and the Yankees are going to sweep the Twins. But, one thing that you can be sure of is that it's Tuesday and The Man is here to help you determine if your political leanings call for a liberalotomy. Keep reading if you wore your official aluminum Kerry/Edwards hat during the debate. Also, if you still get your news from The Daily Show, read on. You can stop reading if you remember riding the NYC subway's during the RNC (I did). Here I go again, like Michael Moore with more facts, less fat. I give you - Part 4: You are so liberal if.

If you want to be included in next week's posting, please email me or post a comment.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

If your VP candidate states, "you've lost your mind" if you vote for might be a liberal.

If Michael Moore has a problem with the source of your are a liberal journalist.

If you have 20 years in the Senate, over a year on the campaign trail, with a month to go before the election and you still need to define yourself to the American are a liberal with a problem.

If you think The West Wing is a reality are a liberal
(Hat Tip - Martha)

If your grandmother expresses her political ideals with a are a liberal

If you claim that you never said the president lied, then release and ad stating the president lied, well you are a liberal.

You're so Liberal.... because you haven't taken the time to think
(Hat Tip - wadi66)

If you want students at your school to learn about US history, as long as George W Bush is not included, you are a liberal.

You might be a liberal if you had to sneak a crib sheet into take the Global Test

If you want to outsource America's national security to an organization, that employs a terrorist organization, you are a liberal.

You can find these and many more in the forums at Mighty Righty. Feel free to email me additions or enter them in the comments.

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Monday, October 04, 2004

Iraqi Terrorism Ties Exposed

CNS News has a story on some Iraqi security documents that should shed some light on the WMD and why we needed to go to war. The documents link Saddam to al Qaeda, PLO, and other terrorist organizations. Why have we not heard anything on these before now? The documents are waiting to be translated. Maybe this will be the "October Surprise" we keep waiting for. If they do become public, expect more Dan Rather jokes to follow.