Thursday, September 09, 2004

When Liberal Media Attack

Click here to see how the Protest Warriors took on the media.

With new polls showing Bush pulling ahead in Missouri, Arizona, Ohio, and showing Kerry's 20 point lead in New Jersey is down to 4 points. With Kerry's team being turned over more than Ken Jennings opponents on Jeopardy. With all this, the media has taken up the slack from Kerry's campaign and started the attack. With two months to go, the bias in the media will become even more apparent than ever.

Round 1 - Bush was AWOL
The same morning shows, who all but ignored 270 veterans who served with Kerry, put the story of Bush being AWOL from the National Guard as the #1 story of the day. The lead attack dog for the media is Ben Barnes, a close friend to John Kerry, who is a vice-chairmen on the Kerry/Edwards campaign, and who has donated $100,000 to have Kerry elected. I would not place much hope that the media will look into these ties with the same vigor in their failed attempt to discredit the Swift Vets.

Round 2 - Kitty Kelly "Book"
This book was so shady, Newsweek editor, Mark Whitaker refused to write about it because "We weren't comfortable with a lot of the reporting". This degenerate tabloid will supposedly contain sordid stories about alleged cocaine use and even take aim at the lovable Laura Bush. Kitty Kelly has other books that claim Ronald Reagan was a date-rapist and Nancy Reagan had an affair with Frank Sinatra. This trash will get a three-day spread on the Today show, no word if the Bat Boy or Elvis will also be invited.

Update: Kitty Kelly book already discredited.