Tuesday, September 07, 2004

What to Expect From the Left

Question: Your candidate, who you have been doing your best to sweep into the White House, is falling in the polls. His campaign team has been turned over more times than a hooker during Mardi Gras. He failed to register a bounce after months of positive spin from the media, Michael Moore, picking a VP who was to bring life back into the campaign, and the DNC convention. Your favorite candidate is now taking money from 6-year olds. Last week, the opponent registered a double-digit bounce from their convention and broke open a lead, even the NY Mets could not give up. What do you do?

For the answer, I looked no farther than the Kerry Campaign newsletter, the newspaper of choice if you do not have time for more than one view, Newsday. I do not pay money for this rag, I read it for free (which is still too much to pay). A neighbor said that he uses Newsday to wipe his ass in the morning.

This Sunday's Newsday showed how far old-media has fallen to the left. Their follow-up coverage of the GOP convention started on page 3, with an editorial. The title of the "commentary", Grand Old Party of Muggers, states that the GOP mugged John Kerry of his identity, like a gang. It did not stop there, other editorials were A Macho-bimbo Connection, Whole lotta flippin' and a floppin', Peaceful but potent, and the left-leaning Letters to the Editor. If you really want a Clinton-coronary just read Jimmy Breslin's columns.

Cancel your subscription to Newsday, today. You can save your time and money by just printing out the talking points put out by the Kerry/Clinton/Gore/Dukakis people. Use those to wipe your ass in the morning instead.