Monday, September 13, 2004

Reporting For Doodie

Post 9/11 Nashville was an interesting place to live. Reporters were trying to tie in Nashville as a potential terrorist target, as if Osama himself denounced the Country Music Hall of Fame. Each night we heard reports of Muslim men videotaping the airport or mysterious people lurking around potential targets. We were living in strange times and our reporters were very strange people.

When the Anthrax scare created news, one news reporter wanted to expose how open Nashville's drinking water was to this type of threat. Anyone who has watched an episode of COPS in Nashville, know there must be something in the water already. Rob Manning from News Channel 5 in Nashville dove into the story with a special report on the lack of security at the city's water supply. He was set to blow the lid off the ability of someone to sneak into the system and add Anthrax or Smallpox to our tap water. The undercover report showed how security was almost non-existent as he was able to sneak under a wire fence and noted, "It's not too hard to crawl underneath.... It took me less than 20 seconds."

This report failed to motivate the city of Nashville to act, since Rob had not entered our water supply, but instead he had broken into a sewage treatment plant. In the end, a Metro Water Department spokesperson noted "if a terrorist tried to put something in our water supply, we'd rather he end up at the sewage plant."

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