Monday, September 20, 2004

Man Hunt For Person Threatening President

Man Hunt Underway:

Cops are on the lookout for a blue Toyota sedan with a New York license plate: BRF-6596. The person behind the threats is a 55-year-old upstate man named Lawrence Ward.

Ward left his upstate New York home last Wednesday armed with a hunting rifle and told a neighbor that "I'm not coming back". Ward has made threats against both Bush and Kerry. Both candidates are in town, Bush for a speech at the UN, Kerry for a taping of Regis and Kelly.

Ward's ex wife claimed that Lawrence "is very dangerous and capable of killing someone and/or committing suicide". She also mentioned "he was a wife-beater and other things I don't want to talk about."

Drudge claimed he had knowledge of impending threats on the President, which will be news stories later this week, on his radio show last night. I'm not sure if this was one of them.

They should lock this guy up with Daniel Avila. Send them both to Guantanamo on the Hudson.

Update: NY Daily News article