Saturday, September 04, 2004

Kerry Kamp Passing Out Grape Kool-Aid

Tad Devine, John Kerry's senior advisor reacting to questions about the Swift Boat ads and their effectiveness stated: "Fundamentally, I don't think they reshaped the race at all," Devine said. "If they did, the president would be 10 points ahead, not in a dead-heat horse race."

Time: Bush 52, Kerry 41
Newsweek: Bush 54, Kerry 43

Then in a unrelated story. John Kerry has found a new fundraising source...toddlers.

“And I'll tell you another. Two nights ago — a few nights ago, I was in Philadelphia. And I got introduced to this tussle-haired little kid. The guy came — he came up to about here on me. Tiny little kid. But he showed me this picture. And it was a picture of him sitting out in the street where he was during the summer, with a sign and a table. At the table, he had some bracelets. And the sign said "Kerry for President."
And this little six-year-old kid had gotten his nine-year-old brother to make the bracelets for him, and he was selling the bracelets.
And this six-year-old kid came up to me with a Tupperware container, handed it to me with $680 to change America — to change America."
- John Kerry

Yes, John Kerry took money from a 6-year old. And he says "and" 7 times.