Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I want my $50 back

This election cycle I sent the GOP a check for $50,you see I'm cheap and have a wedding to pay for. As I wrote that check, I envisioned the GOP using that money to do something constructive, like mailings or some TV ads. Then I check out this RNC-funded site: http://www.flippercam.com/. I have to wonder if my $50 went to have some guys dress up in a dolphin outfit and shadow the Kerry campaign. Those are some sweet outfits.

Am I upset? No, I just wished I had been contacted to be one of the GOP-funded dolphins. Come on Ed Gillespie, what does a donor have to do to get a dolphin outfit? If Hillary runs in 2008, I'm going to request that we have giant cigars chasing her around. I would send a check for that.