Friday, September 17, 2004

How to Put the A-S-S in Assault

Three-year-old Sophia Parlock cries while seated on the shoulders of her father, Phil Parlock, after having their Bush-Cheney sign torn up by Kerry-Edwards supporters on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2004, at the Tri-State Airport in Huntington, W.Va. Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards (news - web sites) made a brief stop at the airport as he concluded his two-day bus tour to locations in West Virginia and Ohio. (AP Photo/Randy Snyder)

I hope this guy sleeps well tonight. He must feel like a real badass, after showing a 3-year old girl he's the boss by making her cry. If I were her father, I would have taken off that ugly tie and wrapped it around this kid's neck. Real bang-up job there buddy, make a total ass of yourself right there in front of all the cameras. I give you 2 days before your name and information gets passed around the internet faster than a chair flying from the Texas Rangers bullpen.

Maybe the Kerry mob was upset that Bush is up 13 points.

As a show of unity with the little Sophia, I'm going to wear my Bush pin with my Yankees shirt on Friday as I move through New York. We should not be afraid of what others might say or do. We should not let people like this suppress our freedom of speech. I'm talking to Bush and Kerry fans: stand up and be heard, show your pride. Can I get an Amen?

As for the guy in the green cap. We know what you look like...soon we will know who you are.

Update: Washington Times article states that many in the Kerry/Edwards mob attacked this little girl.
Update: Apology from the president of the IUPAT.