Friday, September 17, 2004

Football Fans for Truth 527

Check out the new 527 on the block. This one takes aim at Kerry's lack of knowledge on anything to do with real sports. The Wisconsin based group is in the process of putting up a billboard to inform the public of the threat to real sports of Kerry is elected. "John Kerry is a menace to sports fans everywhere," states Dino Panagopoulos, a Chairman for the group.

Football Fans For Truth Site

Some events they mention:

  • Last month, John Kerry lauded "Lambert Field" during a visit to Wisconsin. He has yet to acknowledge Lambeau Field, the historic home of the Green Bay Packers. (Look for a Football Fans For Truth billboard coming soon near Lambeau Field, educating Wisconsin football fans about Kerry.)
  • John Kerry also praised the Ohio State Buckeyes football team--during a visit to Michigan
  • Kerry told a radio interviewer that his favorite Red Sox player was Eddie Yost. Eddie Yost never played for the Sox. He spent most of his career with the Mets, where he earned the nickname "The Walking Man" for his ability to draw a base on balls.
  • When Kerry threw the first pitch at a Red Sox-Yankees game, he did not throw from the pitcher's mound -- yet still bounced the ball before it reached home plate. He then blamed his namby-pamby throw on the catcher, a National Guard soldier and Iraq war veteran: "I held back," Kerry told reporters. "He was very nervous. I tried to lob it gently." Conclusion: John Kerry throws a baseball worse than a girl.
  • When John Kerry was skiing, he fell. He blamed his Secret Service protection. "I don't fall down," he told reporters after the tumble.

Jeff Larroca, Director states "He is not fit to be our sports-fan-in-chief." I agree.