Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Edwards: We Will Win New Jersey

"We're going to win New Jersey easily," - John Edwards
On the local New York City news last night, each station ran a segment on John Edwards and his surprising swing into New Jersey. Local Democrats must have checked to see if they were getting a feeds from Fox News as all the stations noted that Edwards New Jersey visit meant the state was in play for this election and for the first time since 1988. The local ABC station interviewed the Senator where he said that a New Jersey visit was part of his campaign and they will easily carry New Jersey. If New Jersey is such a lock, Mr. Edwards, why not spend time in other battleground states? If Edwards was not lying when he said it was all part of his campaign, he needs to fire his advisors who are taking him to non-battleground areas to pump up the party. After all, when was the last time Bush went to campaign in Kentucky or Nebraska (both solid Bush states)? The theme of all the stories was that the Hair Pair of Kerry/Edwards is in trouble when they have to campaign in states where Gore won by 16 points, even the NY Times picked up on it.

Edwards: "Trying to use the tragedy of 9/11 for personal political gain is a very, very bad thing."
Dave Evans: "And you think the president is doing that?"
Edwards: "Yes, I do."
(ABC interview)
The statements by Edwards were confusing, because the rally also showcased the partisan 9/11 widow, Kristin Breitweiser, and her attack on President Bush. Therefore, using the tragedy of 9/11 for political gain.

Update: Edwards did not wow the party faithful. He was 2.5 hours late, inciting nearly 20% of the crowd to leave. One democrat stated "His only visit to New Jersey and this is what they do.”