Friday, September 10, 2004

Dan Rather Exclusive

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Newsman Dan Rather was all over the memos about W's National Guard duty on 60 Minutes II. His investigative reporting failed to notice that the fonts used in the memos did not exist when the memo was supposed to have been written. He failed to detect a lie when Ben Barnes said "I was lieutenant governor of Texas" when he pulled strings to get Bush into the TX Guard in 1968, even though he was not lieutenant governor of Texas until 1969. He failed to notice that the signature on the memo does not match a previous memo by the same author. The Blog Nation did not drink the kool-aid Dan was serving. Old media cannot tell us their bogus stories anymore, new media has taken over. Viva-La Blog.

Here at GOP and the City we have unearthed Dan Rather's 2nd grade report card. Looks like Mr. Rather had poor hygiene and was a below average student. Some things never change.

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The Politburo Diktat use the same technique to prove Kerry was in Cambodia.
Jay Currie wrote an article detailing the smackdown Blogs put on CBS.
The Weekly Standard previews next week's 60 Minutes story.
Kerry campaign is in full-spin mode. Tick-tock-tick-tock
More from The Belmont Club.
Allah wraps it up.

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Legal: The report card is a fake (I will admit that), but Dan Rather does smell bad.