Friday, September 24, 2004

Camp Kerry Packs Up Tents

The Kerry camp is packing up and heading home. As he pulls ads from 4 battleground states: Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri, polls show that true "blue states" are getting harder and harder to find. Latest maps show that New Jersey is now tied, New York is within striking distance, Pennsylvania is a dead heat, and even Maine is in play. President Bush has all the states he won in 2000 and he is now picking off Gore states like they were apples. While Kerry's squeaky voice failed him in Ohio, Bush scored major victories in Washington. The House and Senate passed 339-65 and 92-3, the $145.9 billion tax relief package to extend three middle-class tax cuts. Also on Thursday, the House passed 247-173 to protect the Pledge from liberal judges who want to edit it how they see fit. The media is now in panic mode, Kerry is insulting foreign leaders, and all Bush has to do is sit back and prepare to kick Kerry in the teeth during the debates.

I know everyone says not to be too over confident, but whom are we kidding? We're not running against the organization of Gore or Clinton. This campaign has been managed worse than the McDonalds on my block. They have only one clear message (Bush is stupid) and have been plagued by so much internal strife that it resembles an episode of The Apprentice. Bush-hating can only take you so far and then you have to have a clear position on something. John Kerry has not and his new anti-war stance is just Howard Dean-lite, which risks putting off many of his supporters who support the effort in Iraq. Kerry and the Dems are learning that you need more than a few dead people in Ohio to get you elected. How do you like them apples?

Update: Two groups are being investigated for voter fraud in Ohio: NAACP and ACT. ACT or America Coming Together was the anti-Bush group who hired felons to go door-to-door to collect voter information.