Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Raw Deal

Below is part of a speech John Kerry gave at a ceremony honoring Martin Luther King. Remember that Kerry claimed he was sent to Cambodia during the Christmas of 1968. Kerry claimed that Nixon sent him there, but Nixon was not in office at the time. The story turned out to be a big fat lie. This man wants to be our president, but he cannot look us in the eye and tell the truth on the one thing he is running on, Veitnam.
In this speech he talks about being in Vietnam in April of 1968. Too bad for Kerry, he admits that he reported for duty in Vietnam "a place of violence", in November of 1968, 7 months after the date which he claimed to a crowd in Virginia. In my opnion, another lie.

"I remember well April, 1968 - I was serving in Vietnam -- a place of violence -- when the news reports brought home to me and my crewmates the violence back home - and the tragic news that one of the bullets flying that terrible spring took the life of that unabashedly maladjusted citizen." - John Kerry (1/20/2003)
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From Kerry's Bio here
Feb 1966 Formally enlists in U.S. Navy
Feb 1968 Deployed to Western Pacific aboard the
USS Gridley and requests duty in Vietnam
Nov 1968 Reports for duty in Vietnam